Jon Rappoport, on the Brian Williams/Snowden interview

From the beginning, Rappoport has always figured that there are way too many inconsistencies in Snowden’s story not to think that he was helped along the way to do what he did, and that the real question is who was he working for when he left the U.S. for Hong Kong — and, did he know it?

I remember being initially shocked at Rappoport’s apostasy, given that Snowden’s defection was such an instant media hit carving an even clearer dividing line than usual between the good guys and the bad guys, or rather, between those who celebrate him as a courageous hero, and those who insist he is a despicable traitor. And of course, I wanted to cheer him on as a hero.

However, my own intuitive hit was not quite that. I was suspicious of just how quickly Snowden’s flight from Hawaii to Hong Kong dominated the MSM and alternative news, and especially wondered about the cat and mouse game that followed, keeping everybody transfixed and distracted (rather like the cat and mouse game that followed the plane that did or did not go down in the ocean recently). I do sense that Snowden is sincere in his beliefs and attitudes, but that he’s likely an unwitting actor in a play that has as its goal the public recognizing that they are under continuous surveillance, which serves to increase fear, hopelessness, and futility, thus furthering the mind-control aims of the deep state.

Rappoport has one paragraph in his latest take-down of the current Snowden media circus that really, to me, says it all:

Was the theft of NSA documents part of a much larger plan to let the American people know they are being spied on, 24/7? To enforce the power and effectiveness of the Surveillance State? Because, when you think about it, the population needs to know they’re being spied on. That’s the biggest priority. Then they tailor their own thoughts and words and actions voluntarily. That’s what makes the Surveillance State work.

Snowden, Brian Williams: Staged Amateur Night for the Suckers




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6 Responses to Jon Rappoport, on the Brian Williams/Snowden interview

  1. Rich Buckley says:

    The Snowden interview 9/11 responses avoided the entire matter of it being an insider job. Same with Boston Bomber, Sandy Hook …. and Arora shootings? Yet, we make important progress in more than law.

    Jon Rappoport is so loaded with data on what’s really going on that he seems to forget how naive a huge swath of the population actually is.

    So I think Snowden is staying on message and focussing on the one big thing: mega-data collection isn’t keeping us safe from terrorism.

    There’s a multi level message inside Snowden’s premiss: What we have to fix is right here inside our own government.

    Brian Williams can not, will not, must not, ask hard questions that pull in conspiracy theories as the working reality. Brian would not last a week before his media masters canned him. But this game is still afoot and not finished. Be patient.

    The US Presidential 2016 Campaign will once again attempt to rig the game and pit “admit-to-nothing, what conspiracy?” for a business-as-usual corrupt and rigged political campaign.

    Dump both major political parties in 2016 and vote Independent. Make the needed impact. It may be all that’s needed for truth to breakout.

    Their appears to be at least one independent 2016 US Presidential candidate pledging to bring forth full disclosure and much more. When a third party candidate impacts the political campaign dialogue and forces others off-message it could wake up a nation.

    Check out Facebook: “Andy2016”

    The trouble is you and I together could probably make a very large list of issues we want discussed and addressed and fixed right now. The effective third party candidate has to pick the best two or three things and stay on message. Andrew (Andy) D Basiago (pronounced: ba-shaw-go) has posted his many important issues on Facebook: “Andy2016” Let’s put him into play and see how far he moves the ball.

  2. mike0v says:

    Hey Dr. K.,

    Of course it’s all BS. The whole thing. Choreographed like a cheap, off Broadway musical.

    John Young at Cryptome has known this for quite some time. There is no reason, none whatsoever, to hold back all the data that Greenwald and Snowden have.

    If this was truly an act of heroics, every last bit of data would’ve been dumped immediately and the world’s people allowed to sort through it.

    Instead, humanity gets a trickle and what’s released is controlled. See? It’s so glaringly obvious that most people can’t accept or believe that such a juvenile trick has been played on them.

    And all of it serves the same purpose: keep humanity from watching the skies.

    We are very close now, Dr. K. When you walk Shadow, keep your eyes on the sky.


      • mike0v says:

        And Dr. K.,

        A cleansing is gonna take place. It will be the first step. You’ll know it’s started when you see the sky. There will be no doubt. Don’t be afraid when it gets going. The dark will be removed from Earth.

        It will happen in the coming weeks or months. There won’t be a 2015 in our 3D Earth illusion. 2014 is the year. Heaven and the angels will wait no more.

        It’s gonna be quite the ride, Ann. And at the end of the ride? Wow. Just wait…

  3. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I think that — again — there is an opportunity for heart/mind/freedom expansion here. A dividing line, yes, but one feels helpless *by choice,* always by choice.
    The choice I see the awakened heart offered here is, “Hide your Truth, or stand in it fully and without fear.”

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