A Soul’s Journey, 1942-1973: Preface and Initial Scene

I’m deep into my recovery process re: the autobiographical doc that I am hoping to resurrect for my son Sean, who, at 50, is wanting whatever I can send to help joggle his lost memories of a difficult childhood.

I left him and his brother Colin with their father when they were seven and nine years old. I was 29, in my Saturn Return.

You could call this Soul’s Journey archetypal for my generation, or at least some members of my generation, perhaps even the majority. When Uranus conjuncted Pluto (1964-1969), all hell broke loose inside us. The children born to us during that period had a particularly difficult beginning, since the energy of that explosive/revolutionary/electric/transformative conjunction was inside them, as part of their nature — and their childhoods often reflected it.

And now here we are, 40 years later, with Uranus in its opening square to Pluto (2012-2015), smack in the middle of the initial turning point of this long long Uranus/Pluto zeitgeist wind!

I’m working with a corrupted manuscript for “A Soul’s Journey,” written in 1985-’86; but might be able to reconstitute it. Crossing my fingers!

Here’s the Preface to this document, and the Initial Scene.

Preface ASJ

Initial Scene ASJ





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  1. Ann can’t wait to read more. So love you & what you give out, it’s a breath of breathable air xxxx

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