My Own Private Idaho Goes Public: “Solar Freakin’ Roadways” and “Freaks of the Garden Sale Mountain Style.” YES!

Though our large family has long since dispersed from southern Idaho, that flat plain with Snake River cut through deep canyon, that mystic land of vast circular sky above endless desert ringed with distant mountains below, where memory of the intoxicating aroma of sage after (rare) rain whooses us back to childhood — well, it turns out that sister Kathy has just moved back to Idaho from Seattle, with her husband Marty (a native New Yorker). And she sends us sibs this great video, with the comment: “Who sez Hailey isn’t hip?”

Hmmm. What is it about Idaho? No longer My Own Private Idaho, it’s really getting out there! Brother John just sent a video as well, this one originating in Northern Idaho, the Solar Freakin’ Solarways, which, you probably already know, went utterly viral. (I had already published a rather staid, subtly critical, piece on it).

The two videos share an aesthetic, one that calls, like a Pied Piper, to the generations coming of age now, during this intense, crossroads time on Planet Earth. They’re both fun, exciting, hopeful, and yes, “hip” in a whole new way.


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