Chemtrails and YOU

I dare you. Look up. If you sky is not cloudy, do you not notice at least one chemtrail, i.e., a “contrail” that seems to thicken, spread, and even drip, that stays there a long time rather than quickly dissipating like normal contrails? Or were all your chemtrails in the morning, so that by this afternoon your sky is so hazy that you can’t tell what’s up there. That’s the case here, right now. There were lots of them, a depressing number of them, on my walk with puppy Shadow mid-morning.

Here’s a chemtrail photo I took sometime last fall. If you are a local, this is taken from the hill coming down from the Bell Tower, the highest point in Bloomington, Indiana. On that morning the entire sky was chemtrailed. Not all that unusual here.


I don’t even bother taking photos of chemtrails anymore. The days without them are the ones that excite me, they are so rare.

The subject of chemtrails reminds me of 9/11: both are in your face phenomena showing perfidy in the highest places that is just too difficult for most people β€” still! β€” to accept.

However, just yesterday I noticed this video in several places. Going viral?

And this morning, I heard from another person who is waking up way more than she would like to, Priscilla, an old Wyoming friend. Here’s her comment about the following presentation on chemtrails, from the dean of chemtrail activism, Dane Wigington:

This one was chock full of a lot of reference material that could have been gone into in more depth but the sheer volume of stuff presented has my head reeling. Every piece of it made me sick. Maybe you’ve seen this already. I try not to get too angry in my life but this has me seething.

Here’s Dane’s latest post on his site,

“Engineering the Climate:” A Congressional Report

Yep, it’s happening, and there are many government agencies involved.




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  1. Michael T. says:

    CHEMTRAILS: There is NO Debate!
    So why respond like there is?

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