Beyond Bundy: What’s going on UNDER the Nevada desert?



A long and somewhat disjointed, possibly hastily written though seemingly deeply researched article that just might begin to tie all sorts of nefarious secretive military/ET confabulations together both in time and space has been posted to the jhaines site. It’s well worth reading through, and its subject has haunted the back of my mind ever since the Bundy broohaha started.

Those of us who have driven across Nevada deserts alone in our cars know the creepy feeling out there, as we pass by roads in remote areas that are closed to the public and apparently lead to strange-looking far-off installations that you’re not supposed to notice.

And then there’s the darting, crossing lights in the sky witnessed by me and so many others with night vision goggles during a 2010 scouting expedition from a UFO conference in the desert near Laughlin at night . . .



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  1. Pamela says:

    That is just a creepy area and there are unexplained things that attend that place. One funny story I have is in 1975, I was driving to CA with my family. Dad and I were the only ones awake in the middle of the night and we were traveling down a lonely patch of highway. We were the only ones on the road. No houses, no gas stations for miles and miles…
    Suddenly, my side of the car was lit with a thousand bright lights reflected in the headlights as far as the light would travel. There was literally a sea of pure white mice, like those from a research facility, running alongside the car and toward the road, as if they were frightened out of their minds. The mass was solid for a quarter mile and we continued to see stragglers for a mile. I asked my Dad if he was seeing what I was seeing. There was nothing else around as far as we could tell.

  2. Rich Buckley says:

    My late Uncle Archie was an outdoorsman who seemed to have developed high level of Earth awareness in a metaphysical sense. Archie was well known as an early Big Foot researcher and featured many years ago in one of Leonard Nemoy’s “In Search Of” episodes. His footprint plaster casts of Big Foot augment many private libraries. In his travels he discovered at least one portal or UFO base in Northern Caifornia visible from a public access road to a fire lookout on a minor hilltop in Northern Cal. called “Lime Dyke” in the Trinity Alps area of California.

    My father claimed when camping overnight with Archie on Lime Dyke, Archie would do a meditation facing in each of four main compass headings to sense if UFO’s were in the vicinity. Archie reported that nearly 50% of the time they were present.

    The night Dad was with him, Archie did his meditations and turned to Dad and said, “They’re over the Himalayas and will be here in 12 minutes.”

    Of course Dad lived to tease Archie and poke fun of his younger brother whenever possible. That’s what brothers do. As 12 minutes approached Dad began teasing Archie and counting down the final seconds to Archie, “10…9…8…7….6….”

    Then three lights zipped into the night sky over Lime Dyke in unison, splitting formation into three perfect arches and swoop down closer to the hill top.

    Dad reported his teasing stopped and his fear took over. The rubber air mattress’s they slept on started bouncing around on the ground and vibrating. Dad had his video camera all set up and claims it was otherwise working perfectly before, but when he would look through the night lens all he could see is static. His eyes saw the crafts’s lights but the camera recorded only static.

    Then a giant blackout of the stars in the night sky silhouetted the outline of a huge mother ship that settled over the ridge into a valley that includes a small water reservoir. They estimated the craft as much larger than an aircraft carrier by several orders of magnitude.

    I tried to persuade the teams of Dr Seth Shostak at the SETI Institute, to take a weekend camping trip and drive up to Lime Dyke, and just look at the night sky. That’s when I discovered SETI seems to be a a scientific public diversion to avoid actual discovery and proof. Why won’t the field teams? They offer up a grand presentation on their mission which scientifically meets all the solid science required to meet NASA-like mainstream science, but Heaven forbid, they pitch a tent outside and watch.

  3. rose day says:

    US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has represented the state of Nevada in one capacity or another since 1970…surely he has some idea about what goes on in his home state.

  4. Pamela says:

    Your Uncle Archie is still with us spreading the news, as is my gentle giant father who passed away today one year ago. Voir dire!!

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