9/11 Evidence: In Defense of Dr. Judy Wood

I was really glad to see this jhaines post re: Judy Wood and the startling hatred she seems to inspire, because I am personally half-way through a video interview with her and everything Emmanuel Goldstein says is spot-on.

My recent posts on 9/11 –

Inspired by the opening of the 9/11 Museum . . .


More revelations and implications as that “pathologically sacred” 9/11 museum opens . . .

— did not go into the controversies about what actually did bring the towers down, or as Judy Wood would say, “make them go away.” Where DID the towers go? Instead, I focused merely on the, unfortunately, still radical idea that the official narrative re: this and other traumatic collective psy-op events is simply not true. And if it is not true, then what? How then do we think about “our” government? “Our” media? “Our” so-called “civilized” world? Open this one pandora’s box, and a whole lot of icky yucky, rotten stuff starts spuming out. Hold your nose!

An Important 9/11 Comment by Emmanuel Goldstein in Response to a Reader

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3 Responses to 9/11 Evidence: In Defense of Dr. Judy Wood

  1. rose day says:

    Yet another paradigm (individual energy applications) ‘revealed’ in the aftermath of valid defense
    of absurd castigation of solid, verifiable ‘9/11 Truth’. (The cabal must truly be ‘on the run’ as
    their latest antics absolutely reek of desperation.) Heartfelt thanks to all continue to promote

  2. Emmanuel Goldstein says:

    You may wish to edit your title from “9/11 Theories: In Defense of Dr. Judy Wood” to “9/11 Evidence: In Defense of Dr. Judy Wood”. Dr. Wood does not present theories. She presents overwhelming, indisputable, and conclusive evidence that rules out destruction by any means other than the category of directed energy that selectively “dustified” buildings with a WTC prefix.

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