Water Water Everywhere Department: but way too much or not a drop to drink

This is a post about WATER. For some reason this morning I felt impelled to dive in, first, to the astrology, and then to the news.

In early October, 2012, stern, rule-bound, tradition-loving Saturn ingressed Scorpio, where it was due to sink into the mucky-muck of underworld, plutocratic corruption for two and a half years. Saturn will ingress Sagittarius in late December, this year. The turn of the year, 2015, will thus feature a new note in the zeitgeist. More on that later.

In late June, 2013, expansive Jupiter moved into home-loving Cancer, the sign in which it is exalted. In mid-July, this year, it will ingress lordly fixed Leo, and in October through mid-December, this year, will thus square Saturn, still in fixed Scorpio. The ongoing, but still mostly hidden, intensely stubborn tug-of-war between the .001% and the rest of humanity will most likely climax in a big way during these final months of 2014.

Meanwhile, back in early 2012, spiritual, boundary-less, mysterious, psychic Neptune ingressed oceanic, sensitive, addiction and pollution tending Pisces, the sign Neptune rules, and so therefore will, until 2025, — and has already — play(ed) a huge background role during these years when, to much fanfare, one plane has already fallen into the sea (or did it? typical Neptunian mystery), radiation and other pollution are spreading throughout the Pacific and other oceans and inland waters, and just recently, a possible UFO/USO undersea entrance was discovered off the cost of southern California.

Meanwhile, of course, there’s the huge broohaha that isn’t, but should be, regarding climate change, Arctic and Antartic ice melting, currents changing, seacoasts disappearing, etc.

All water related. All related to this extraordinary element that nourishes or drowns, or dries up, depending.

Since November, 2013, Jupiter and Saturn have been traveling in a loosely configured trine (120°) relationship. We should have been counting our lucky stars during this time, since this trine has helped greatly to stabilize the ongoing Uranus/Pluto volatility.

This Saturn/Jupiter trine, over the past few days, reached its point of maximum exactitude, and will now begin to wane, moving out of orb by mid-June.

AHA! SO THAT’S WHY I WAS IMPULSED TO WRITE ABOUT WATER THIS MORNING. I do it to honor the trine, and to thank our Mother Earth and all her spacey brothers and sisters for their forbearance as still mostly sleeping humanity continues to respond, still somewhat sluggishly!, to the wake-up call issued by some kind of prime directive that none of us really understand. Get that? We may think we do, but we don’t. We can immerse ourselves in water, learn to trust water, drink it, drown in it, starve for it, but we can’t really understand water with our limited consciousness operating in 3D bodies. Quite the contrary. As Viktor Schauberger put it, and I quote at length, because his work and sensibility are so extraordinary:

“Already from earliest childhood it was my deepest wish to understand nature and through this to come closer to the truth I could not find at school or at church. I was repeatedly drawn to the forest where I could watch the flow of water for hours on end without getting tired or irritable. At that time I did not yet know that water is the bearer of life or the source of what we call consciousness. Totally oblivious, I let water flow past my searching eyes and only years later did I become aware that this running water attracts our consciousness magnetically, takes a piece with it, with a force that is so strong that one loses consciousness for a while and involuntarily falls into a deep sleep. And so, gradually I began to play with these forces in water and I gave up this so-called free consciousness and left it to the water for a while. Little by little this game turned into a very serious matter because I saw that it was possible to release my own consciousness from my body and attach it to the water. When I took it back again, the consciousness borrowed from the water told me things that were often very strange. And so the searcher became a researcher who could send his consciousness on expeditions, so to speak, and this way I found out about things the rest of mankind has missed because they do not know that people are able to send their free consciousness everywhere, even where the seeing eye cannot look. This so-called sight practiced with blindfolded eyes finally gave me ties to the secrets of nature which I slowly began to recognize and understand in their own fabric. And in due course it became clear to me that we human beings are used to seeing everything backwards and wrong. The biggest surprise, however, was that we human beings let the most valuable part drain off as useless and from all the great intellectuality that flows through us, we retain only the feces.”

Meanwhile, here are the posts that I noticed today re: water.

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