“Alpha Man” Mars (in Libra) massacre, Santa Barbara, May 23, 2014

Screenshot 2014-05-24 20.27.39The chart, for May 23, 2014, 9:30 p.m., PDT, Santa Barbara, could not be more telling: “Alpha Male” (what he called himself in a video) Mars, at 9° “applying” to within one degree of the 10° Midheaven (the path, the most public point of the chart), in Libra, sign of relationships. Mars in Libra opposite Moon in Aries at 7°, sign that Mars rules, at the I.C. of the chart, the deepest root. Moon, the female, in Aries; they do their thing he says, they ignore him. He’s an “incel,” an involuntary celibate, a virgin. Women will not go out with him. He cannot have what he most wants, a woman to dominate, control, sexually prey upon: Libra to Aries, Mars to Moon.

So he shoots them (and others), as many as he can, before he dies (suicide? car crash? police?), 30 shots in all.

And what’s configured with the Mars/Moon polarity, to lend it further high coloration? Mars/Moon loosely nested with the deep, background, slow-moving zeitgeist signature, Uranus/Pluto — of course, what else? —during this r/evolutionary period of extreme volatility and unrest (2012-2015).

Plus, to cap it off, Venus, also in Aries, (along with Moon, representing the female) is conjunct, within 2°, to Eris, the warrior princess, goddess of war.

A Description of Eris

I can’t imagine a more apt symbolic portrayal of the male/female, left brain/right brain, science/spirituality, light/dark, day/night polarity that divides us when we don’t think in both/and terms. When, instead of inclusion we turn hostile. When, instead of expanding to “see both sides,” we close off one of them. Which generates perpetual WAR.

Let us learn to recognize that paradox is the space between two poles, and that each line that their end points define (2D) can be also viewed as the diameter of a circle (3D) or a plane that cuts through a globe (4D) — and just imagine how the geometry plays out in even higher dimensions; because dimensions do go on and on endlessly when we open, open OPEN! — to the Mystery.

Elliot couldn’t think in those expansive terms. Perhaps he was forced not to. Perhaps his mind was clamped shut, stuck in a bifurcated state, severely identifying with the (male) left brain and projecting the (female) right brain out, way out, as mere target practice. Perhaps the whole drama was a set-up by people well versed in the symbolism of astrology and the transit picture that would best depict the raw, gendered, almost cartoonish, black and white oppositional meaning of this false flag event.

Okay, wait a minute. Let’s do tunnel down. Who is this shooter? Aha! Elliot Rodger, son of one of the Assistant Directors to The Hunger Games films! Perfect. Movies as predictive programming, plus the Hollywood connection complete with fancy BMW car. Ah yes, the movies simulated/predicted (teen on teen violence) which then “becomes true,” via yet another “lone male shooter,” previously quiet and polite. Mind controlled? On pharmaceutical drugs? Which? Both? So this is the next false flag? So this is what Mars, turning to go direct, and finally (after a slowed down few days) moving forward and picking up speed, hath wrought?

Okay, if so, then look to what crucial geopolitical event(s) or process(es) this horrific slaughter on the coast of happy-go-lucky, surf’s-up southern California distracts us from.

And notice how this scenario symbolizes the way “we, the people” — by allowing ourselves to be used, mind-controlled, drugged, benumbed, exhausted, and distracted — are unwittingly in cahoots with those who shoot innocents both here and abroad with guns, bombs, drones, and bankster loans.


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