Victor Schauberger: Let us comprehend and copy Nature

sch251A piece on —

H2O Returns to Earth

— claims that we now have the know-how to counteract HAARP, and that the proof of it will manifest in a soft slow rain that will begin to fall very soon on drought-parched California. We shall see?

Meanwhile, that post brought me to another one, about the work of Victor Schauberger (1985-1998) an Austrian naturalist, philosopher, and inventor who studied the essential connections between forests, the water that flows through them, the many different kinds of water, and its spiraling dynamics. Fascinating!

The Magic and Majesty of Water

And that brought me to the videos. I am reminded of the Tony Howe “kinetic” art I posted yesterday.

We are so lucky to be alive now when the internet can begin to teach us anything we want to learn, and hopefully it will in time for us to shift the destructive, ignorant way we are living on this beautiful living planet that this morning, in the full flowering of spring, is singing with birds and wonder.

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