One of my “stories” from trip just got pre-empted! YES!

I was going to tell about the fine meal with Laura and David, plus my tour of her ambitious developing permaculture garden, but now I don’t need to. Laura told it first.

Gratitude, Gardens, and Good Visit

Only one thing I would add: this is that I thoroughly enjoyed, at my request, over our delicious, greens-from-the-garden dinner, hearing the “origin story” from Laura and David of their obviously loving relationship.

I had to counsel them first however, because, like everyone I know, they began to preface their tale by saying “to make a long story short” and as usual I had to respond, “NO NO! Long story long, please!” Let’s not move into an apologetic tone when we tell our stories. Let’s let them sing out loud and clear and as long as they want to take in the telling. Our stories make up the warp and woof of memory. Our stories root us, like cultural mycellium, into this good life. Carving meaning from seeming randomness, especially when we tell them “long,” our ever-evolving stories gift us with a comprehension of how miraculous our lives really are, how astonishingly mysterious this endlessly inventive universe.

And believe you me, their story did not disappoint. ‘Twas full of miracles, magic, jaw-dropping synchronicities, and subtle noticings that only master story-tellers, and people intensely conscious and aware of the flow of their own experiences, can render. So grateful!

(And yes, Laura, I do want that seed packet! Thanks!)

20 minutes later . . .

Omigod, just as I was talking about synchronicities, the doorbell rang. Another Laura! A woman whom I had been thinking about the past few days, and wanted to connect with. There she was. The only time this Laura has ever knocked on my front door.

Blessings all around as Mars begins to flow forward in the gracious relationship-oriented sign of Libra.

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