Heading up Highway 31 to Upper Michigan, and a Great Old Broads for Wilderness campout . . .

sleep_bear_photo_smallBack in town Monday. No computer. No nuttin’. Just iphone (for photos), notebook, for taking notes, and (probably) rain. Instead of my tent, I may sleep in the Prius; my prone figure just fits with the seats down.

First time on northern Lake Michigan shore! First time meeting the Great Old Broads, whom I’ve known about ever since I started Crone Chronicles, back in 1989. This is their 25th anniversary, so the two movements seem to have emerged from the same fertile ground.

YES! Shifting the way we work with the aging process. GROWING old, rather than just “getting old.” Living from the inside out, rather than the outside in. Learning how to “eat our own shadow” and become whole. Wild laughter and intense reverence, both at once. Moving into our pared down, quintessential selves — grateful for all the memories, standing upon the foundation of a life well lived, and now seeking to serve what matters. In this case, WILDERNESS, as an essential value, without which we would lose the heart of our own wild nature.

So, I look forward to hiking and working, bonfires, great stories and camaraderie, and who knows?! Will then spend Sunday evening with fellow blogger and new friend, Laura Bruno, in Goshen, Indiana on my way home. Full report on return.

Sleeping with the Bear



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  1. Cindy W. says:

    Enjoy the dunes! Used to visit a seasonal dunes ranger friend who lived in Empire, MI. Wonder if Stephanie Mills will be there at conf. (she’s from Leelanau Peninsula) Also there are islands off the lakeshore, North and South Manitou Island – a friend’s family had a cabin on one of them. Beautiful area – still some Anishinaabe people living near there (Grand Traverse Band)…

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