May 14, 2014: Three Tell-All Headlines

It’s always nice when headlines tell the story, and the rest is details. Here’s three from my newscan today:

New York Times: The Newspaper of War

How this nation’s “paper of record” (along with every other MSM publication) has always, not just gone along with, but actively promoted, the official p.r. lies that Empire uses to trigger its bankster chaos and wars for profit and greed.

The latest, of course, is Ukraine. Which brings us to the second headline:

The utter contempt our leaders hold us in: Joe Biden’s son joins board of Ukrainian gas company

No problem: we’re so distracted, and/or, so numbed out by liquor, pharmaceuticals, netflix, internet, and fast, mass-produced, packaged or not GMO food, that we don’t even notice the obvious. “They” don’t have to disguise their intentions anymore. It’s all displayed for our glazed-over eyes to “see.” True? How many of us will become enraged? How many will begin to wake up with this one headline?

9/11 Museum: An emotional underworld beneath Ground Zero

I point out this theguardian headline because it encapsulates and symbolizes precisely, the Scorpio water/Taurus earth theme of today’s Wesak Full Moon and the way I found myself discussing it it yesterday’s post. Yes. Descend into your own watery underworld, pull up the roots of your own dysfunctional patterns . . .

Likewise, since 9/11, we need to perform this ceremony as a nation: let us purge the emotional residue that has left us terrorized by the fake War on Terror” rolled out within days of what will be forever known as “9/11” — or even “911,” the so-called “emergency” number for your four-year-old to call, if Mommy is lying on the floor, and won’t open her eyes.

Yeah, whoever “they” are, they sure are clever, building multiple meanings into every staged event.

Photograph: Jeff Goldberg/Esto

Rising up like an apparition … Snøhetta’s 9/11 Memorial Museum on the World Trade Center site. Photograph: Jeff Goldberg/Esto









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