Janelle Orsi: An attorney’s perspective on how and why to create the sharing economy

Somebody just left this message on my iphone: “Check out Janelle Orsi. I heard her talk at Stanford.” So I googled Orsi. Here we go! Two videos, one short, one long. Intensely creative and hopeful, this “sharing lawyer,” who exhorts her fellow attorneys to join her. “Every city needs at least one sharing lawyer!”

“At first, it’s sort of casual, just doing more favors for each other. . . . At the second level, we create agreements. At the third level, we create organizations.” Car sharing, tool lending, etc. “At the fourth level we build sharing into the infrastructure of the city.”

“Every now and then I can just picture how we’re going to change the world. And what it looks like is sort of a major change for everybody.”

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