Steven Greer: Introduction to Psychology and Geopolitics of Resistance to the Introduction of Free Energy

My notes, annotated:

Greer talks about just how enormously disruptive even the idea of introducing “free energy from the zero point energy field” is to the current petrochemically based geopolitical system and its status quo stakeholders —”This stuff is their worst nightmare . . .”

— and the way Greer presents this material actually does makes me grok the continuing resistance more fully than before. Especially his stories of how anyone in power and nearing retirement just wants to get to his place in Montana and go fishing. In other words, as long as he’s still working, please let’s just kick the can down the road. Free energy is just too overwhelming, too big a change.

And, as Greer says, the can’s been kicked down the road now for over 100 years.

He relates how, at dinner with some bigwig at a fancy D.C. restaurant, the bigwig said to Greer, “Look, anyone who gets into the White House runs it as a CONSERVATIVE— in the classic sense, conserving, keeping things the same.”

So much for those new solar panels on the White House roof. Remember? Carter had some up there, and it’s now been over 30 years since Reagan took them down. I have a feeling those rooftop solar panels are to a real systemic renewable energy revolution the way Michelle Obama’s “White House lawn organic garden” is to Obama’s marriage with Monsanto. What’s that called? Bait and switch?

But this whole discussion assumes resistance to CENTRALIZED system disruption. The fact remains that what we may see instead is little by little, in tiny pockets all over the world, creative tinkerers in their garages getting various devices up and running, and sharing plans for them over the internet; for example, the QEG, which itself may or may not be work as claimed, but the template for sharing it is already in place.

And that, my friends, is huge. Indeed, sharing, rather than hoarding, cooperation rather than competition, love rather than fear — this open-hearted transformation in our values generates the even deeper and more powerful and disruptive revolution and guarantees a stunning kickstart to the stuck status quo.

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  1. Rich Buckley says:

    We have successfully processed other disruptive technologies into our economies. We worked through the migration of vacuum tube to microprocessor, and through film to digital. We can work through peak-oil to zero point energy. It takes a couple of decades to transition.

    In the meantime wheels turn, gears grind, and free will plus curiosity still compels us to travel and explore. Lubricants and their by-products remain in demand.

    The greatest resistance to zero point energy will not come from oil industry paranoia but from the hard core environmental movement. Found within the movement is a religion built on the belief system that humankind and Mother Gaia needs are incompatible.

    Free Energy Conference 2013, Foster Gamble Prsentation:

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