OMIGOD! How DARE “the people” take back their power? For example, Kevin Annett.

This is another breathtakingly audacious move on the part of tiny, indefatigable warrior Kevin Annett. But then I shouldn’t be surprised at the fierce imagination and intense will to follow through of this stunningly singular man who has chosen to support the rights of (gadzillions of) victims of pedophilia (and necrophilia) everywhere by taking on both the Pope and the Queen. And not that he’s just another odd Lone Ranger, like Ben Fulford or Neil Keenan, or David Wilcock, or even David Icke — who appear to spew out information that aims for the public good on a fairly regular basis that — except for Icke, bless him! — each says is sourced impeccably but secretly. These pop onto the internet stage like self-imaged Superman comic book characters who remain hunkered in the newsroom as Clark Kent.

Not Kevin Kevin Annett. But just who IS Kevin Annett?

Last year, in an extended interview, he said this: “I feel more and more like I am who I’m meant to be. All the time.”

I see Annett as Robin Hood, resourcing himself deep the forest, ever planning his next raid. And his Merry Band of Brothers and sisters does appear to be growing.

via jhaines:

Alfred Weber interviews Kevin Annett: Common Law Sherrifs to Arrest UK Monarch, Popes Ratzinger, Bergoglio, Seize Property


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