Suzuki to Moyers: ignoring climate change an “intergenerational crime”

Yes, this is exactly how “climate change” needs to be framed. Let this phrase become a meme that is drilled into our thick, self-serving, benumbed, myopic, distraction-seeking skulls. Let it blast off our tight little conceptual helmets and light up the dark spaces within. Do we want a nourishing Earth home for our children and their children’s children — or not? No matter who we are, no matter what our “politics,” this question should matter. Does it?

Scientist Tells Bill Moyers That Letting Climate Change Happen Is an ‘Intergenerational Crime

I googled this phrase, and Suzuki has been using it at least since 2012. It’s about time it went viral.

Check out this interactive graphic from National Geographic:

Rising Seas

Screenshot 2014-05-11 08.04.52

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    Can you provide a working link for this map? The image is a screenshot and doesn’t take us to the site. Thanks.

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