Guess what? The open-sourced, Tesla-based, QEG free energy device WORKS: “The QEG belongs to humanity now.”

Update, same day: But maybe not! see apparently knowledgeable (?) comment below. So hard to know what is what! Even so, we DO know that the day is coming — and soon! I can taste it! — when we SHALL bring into form all that we are imagining.

I came across a post about using urine to create energy this morning and of course was very excited, since I drink my pee on occasion, to stimulate my immune system.

It’s springtime, and my thoughts turn to . . . weeds and (blush) — more!

But then it turns out that the claims about these high school girls’ experiment may be overblown, at least according to one (suspect) MSM source, NBC:

African Girls Pee Powered Generator Raises Questions

But whatever the case here, the QEG Tesla-based energy device, which produces 10 K of power with 1 K of input, and then runs indefinitely with no further input, something I’ve seen bandied about on the web for months now by a woman named “Hope Girl,” does appear to be genuine, has been built in only three days, and the plans for it are open source, on the web. Whooee!

I’d say this may be another aspect of the intellectual revolution that may have been ignited during April’s rare and potent Grand Cardinal Cross. Free energy devices. Distributed, localized energy. Centralized, top-down systems kaput!

Free Energy Live In Action! This Is Breathtaking As Science Is Being Re-Written

April 30, 2014

by Joe Martino


qeg-300x189Watching this video was quite an experience. It’s perhaps because I’ve been following this topic for so many years now and amidst all the doubt and negativity from mainstream science, amazing scientists have put together devices that time and time again show that our current understandings of science and physics can use some updating.

To begin, I want to define what I mean when I say ‘free energy.’ I refer to it as getting more energy out than you put in and/or not requiring input and having energy be produced perpetually. To answer the question, yes this device will need part replacement, bearing, belts etc. at some point in its lifespan. Minimal costs involved there.

For a moment, forget about suppression of these technologies and simply focus on the fact that they are here, working and will eventually hit the mainstream for people to build and purchase themselves.

If you haven’t heard of the QEG (Quantum Energy Generator) then this is going to be a nice surprise for you. This device is based off of Tesla’s work where he built a resonance generator that required 1KW input to produce 10KW output. This device works in the same way and was built after his patents were released into the public domain. Years of testing and adjusting was done to make the device possible and available for others to build. This new device will require 1KW of input power to get the core resonance up and then after it is producing 10KW it can be unplugged and an inverter is attached so no input power will be required.

Yes, this means what it is saying, after a short period of input power, NO INPUT will be needed to supply 10KW of power. As stated by HopeGirl who released the plans open source to the public “The QEG belongs to humanity now. Many will make further improvements and we will all co-develop this practical bridge technology together.” Beautiful words as this world doesn’t need to be built off of money, greed, patents, ownership and power. These are archaic egoic concepts that we can evolve out of quite effortlessly.

Have a look at the moving video below as this community in Morocco built the working device in only 3 days. This video is of them turning on the device for the first time. You are seeing just the beginning of this device as more tweaks will be made in the coming days to increase the output power.

“ Message to the World: “If we can get a QEG up and running in Morocco, we can do it anywhere!”
— Tomas Qubeck – New Earth Heartbeat

This device has also been built in Taiwan and more teams are building them in other areas of the world.

Here are the open source plans for the device.





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  1. QuestionEverything says:

    The QEG story looks far different when you look a little closer. As even the QEG people themselves admit, no QEG (not even their original prototype) has ever (!) run in self-looped mode (the only really reliable test for overunity). No independent witness has ever seen overunity produced by a QEG. The QEG people claim to have measured overunity with their original prototype, but failed to reproduce it with the QEG builds in Taiwan and Morocco. Their claims of overunity for their original prototype are very weak, because they never provided any measurement protocols, or specified how exactly they measured the values they gave.

    One other very dubious aspect of the QEG project is the misuse of Tesla’s name for marketing purposes. The QEG has no closer relationship to Tesla’s work than electrical machines in general.

    From the official project description on the “Fix The World”website:

    The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patent referenced is No. 390,414, titled “Dynamo-Electric Machine”, and dated October 2, 1888.”

    From the official “manual” for the QEG:

    “The Quantum Electric Generator system (QEG) is an adaptation of one of Nikola Tesla’s many patented electrical generator / dynamo / alternator designs. The particular patent referenced is No. 511,916, titled simply “Electric Generator”, and dated January 2, 1894 (see back of this manual).”

    These two patents are fundamentally different and have both nearly nothing to do with the QEG. The QEG people obviously searched for a suitable Tesla patent for marketing purposes after they came up with the QEG and had difficulties deciding which one to use, because they couldn’t find a really appropriate one.

    The function of the QEG as an ordinary underunity generator can easly be explained based on classical physics, although the corresponding principle is very little known, even among electrical engineers and physicists. It is called “parametric excitation” and the main research in this area has been performed around 1930. Some analyses and simulations done on several forums show a good accordance between the currently publicly known characteristics of the QEG and this principle. It can explain all publicly known measurements of QEG replications and even some of the more unusual effects of the QEG like the high voltages in the primary circuit and the behaviour of the rotor under load. The “resonance” effect, which is fooling many people, is completely normal for this type of generator. All credible evidence points to the conclusion that the QEG is an ordinary underunity generator based on this principle.

    Further information can be found here (there are several more QEG articles on this site):

  2. Thanks for this. I updated the post to refer to it.

  3. j quicksilver says:

    Well… Eight months and $8K later, a team of retired Los Alamos professionals, have built and extensively tested a QEG and found it to be 35% efficient. Wow!

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