Downtown, Farm Bloomington, Mother’s Day Brunch

group shotpgHard to believe that, in the wake of of oodles of potlucks, this is only the second time in three years (or is it four now?) that my son Colin and his partner Greta and I have all “eaten out” together! And what a meal it was! Locally sourced food, outside on the sidewalk patio, 70° or so with gentle spring breeze . . . Wow! And LOTS of laughs.

I had the “Smokehouse Eggs” — deluxe! With sausage, cheese, artichokes, some kind of “compote” — VERY filling. In fact, what I’ve always wanted fancy eggs to taste like and not until now been satisfied. Really!

smokehouse eggs

Colin, after asking TWO waiters what egg dish is the biggest, and being told, in a flash, “Eggs Benedict,” ordered them —

eggs benedict

— and immediately pronounced: “Not so big.”

So, of course, he also got what I couldn’t finish of mine.


Greta had a delicious spring salad with shrimp. (From the Gulf? We all wondered . . .)

spring salad with shrimp

I wore my “What would Durga do?” T-shirt, where she’s astride a tiger, flashing swords. But, also in honor of Mother’s Day, Colin gave me (finally! I’ve been asking for two years now) a Garden Tower T-shirt!

T-shirt front

T-shirt back

Check it out. The Garden Tower Project is becoming wildly successful. YES!

Oops. Size men’s size large.. I guess I’ll wear it as a tunic. Or a night shirt.

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  1. Beautiful photos Ann. I am a dedicated reader of your posts. Even store them for future rereads. Nice to see you with your son and having fun sharing some great foods. Keep up the wonderful work you do. I love your posts!!!
    Although I appreciate you have a Ph.D, for myself, I am a self-taught life time (on-going) Bucky Fuller omni-dimensional student, artist, astrologer, business owner and mystic living in Behchoko, Northwest Territories Canada for the past 33 years. My intention is to develop a prototype for sustainable communities balancing the natural environment with advanced technologies in remote rural areas.
    Just to share a little, I am originally from Ohio, with my life trail journey living for periods in Tennessee & Georgia; New York City; San Francisco & Topanka Canyon; Ann Arbor, Michigan and Toronto before arriving in Yellowknife in 1981.
    Blessings to you.
    Joyce Rabesca

    • Wow, Joyce! So good to hear from you and especially about your pioneering activities in Northwest Territories, Canada! Terrific. And BTW: my “Ph.D,” while it has offered me cover, has never defined me. I’m glad I got it, just to make it a bit harder for people NOT to take what I say seriously. I especially appreciated having this kind of “cred” during the years (1976-2001) when I was spreading the “woo-woo” language of astrology into rural Idaho, Wyoming and beyond. BTW: the son pictured with me, Colin, went to college for one semester, said he was learning more in the dorms than in classrooms, and quit. I had warned him not to go. His mind is simply too curious and original to benefit, and might have been suppressed (though I doubt it, given his stubborn brilliance). So I very much admire your self-realized, omnivorous educational adventure. YES!

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