Re: “NTE” and Climate Change Fundamentalism

The doomers among us received a new confirmation re: possible NTE (near term extinction) via yesterday’s Climate Report that has hit the MSM news.

‘Screwed?’ US Climate Report says Era of ‘Normal’ Over

Perhaps if whistleblower/doomer Michael C. Ruppert had not blown his brains out a few weeks ago, he might have garnered some new NTE companions and not felt so alone. I was happy to see that Abby Martin of RT saluted him, in life and in death.

Speaking of death, the idea of NTE does make some people want to off themselves before it happens, if it’s really going to happen. But is it? Here are two posts which interest me especially in that they show the seemingly inexorable logic of our descent into more or less near term extinction through run-away climate change may be decidedly myopic — since, according to the first author, the material realm (to which logic and science “applies”) is not the only one;

Bundy ranch situation has reached an extremely critical juncture

and, according to the second author, even in science, we really can’t know anything for sure.

Mike Ruppert, Childhood Abuse, & Near Term Extinction

I tend to agree with both assessments. (BTW: also check out the extended comments on the Ruppert article). And, I will say, again, do read and re-read the wise post by Joanna Macy.

On how to prepare internally for WHATEVER comes next

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