Poem, NO CURVES: for “the one percent in us all”

Art: "No Curves": arch2o.com

Art: “No Curves”: arch2o.com

I received this poem today, in response to the morning’s two posts (this and this), from a dear soul whose work in service to all has necessitated familiarity with the corporate world.

“Several years ago I wrote this poem that was a reflection of the hypocrisy that I was experiencing and saw as one of the principle reasons that we continue to be unable to be all that we were created to be — or in the words of Yeshua, live in the realm or sovereignty of the Godhead. I share this with you because you will get this but request that if you use the poem you keep the author as “anonymous.” The last thing I want to do is to point fingers at anyone for wanting to “collect” and “own” things, I have been there and have done that and lived my life by that code. That being said, this is the 1% in us all.”

No Curves

Straight line,
no curves without

Linear, space defined
ridged thoughts
cut glass politics with
acidic words
and thorny dead

Hopeless leaders, narrow
minded agendas — personal
gain dripping with
phony indulgences, promises
like dead leaves fall
from smiley faces.

Empty, dark, dangerous
rooms. Sharp obstacles,
each poisoned with venom
sweetened like candy.

Greedy self-serving bastards,
sitting secure on the backs
of servants — nameless souls,
victims of the lies and greed.


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