R.I.P. Angeles Arrien

I was stunned to learn this morning from two readers of the sudden, unexpected passing of Angeles Arrien, 73, the beautiful, wise, international teacher and high school classmate whom Mary and I were discussing over the weekend. Angie’s soul, ever masterful, chose April 24, during the rare and iconic third week of April, 2014, what I’m now calling the Week of Swirling Grand Cross energies, to swirl into the beyond.

I’m surprised to not see obituaries in major papers. She should be honored in the mainstream, given her tremendous, multilayered influence. Perhaps it is too early. The personal eulogies on her facebook page are rolling in, heartfelt and deeply moving. Her given name, “Angeles,” is utterly apt.

Here’s the short announcement on her website, www.angelesarrien.com.

Angeles Arrien – 1940-2014

Dearest Friends, Colleagues, Students,

Our beloved Angeles Arrien passed away unexpectedly last Thursday afternoon April 24, 2014. This Monday her office started to inform hundreds of organizations, colleagues, friends, and thousands of students nationally and internationally of her unexpected death.

Angeles was a person of deep faith, compassion, kindness, generosity and honesty, and an authentic, vital, joyful presence everywhere she went, and with whomever she interacted.

Over her lifetime, she worked nationally and internationally as a professional and personal consultant with organizations, groups, communities, professionals and individuals. Drawing upon her bi-cultural background and lifelong work as a cultural anthropologist, educator, mediator, and award-winning author, Angeles was known for her deep commitment, integrity and her skills for facilitating positive and sustainable changes with individuals and organizations. She always looked for what was possible, beyond the knowable, to serve the individual and collective greater good.

Angeles embodied a deep commitment, diverse and extensive experience and a clear and direct approach to her work with tens of thousands of individuals over 45 years. She held a consistent vision that the heart of collective work always supported a diversity of many points of view and possibilities; and wholeheartedly believed in the incredible power of what she called “bridging work” whether between disciplines, peoples, cultures, traditions, or generations.

Angeles will be missed greatly by those who knew and loved her so deeply, whether they met her once or knew her for many years.

At Angeles’ wish there will not be a public memorial. Angie herself requested that for those who wished to truly honor her over this next year, that once a month on the anniversary of her passing (the 24th of each month), that individuals would light a candle and say a prayer to honor her memory.

Condolences to the family may be sent directly to her office or posted on her Facebook pages. Angeles’ family has requested complete privacy at this time. Her business office will be closing over the next few months.

May all the seeds that she planted within us be nourished and may we all also contribute to the greater good in the world. With love and gratitude during this sacred and holy time of Angeles’ transition….


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  1. that is very interesting how you were just thinking about her right about the time she was passing. sorry for your loss Ann. She seems to have been an amazing woman.

  2. She inspired me greatly, and in turn inspired my own students. A loss to the world, for sure.

  3. frbannon says:

    Among thousands of other chelas on the path, I am honored to have known, experienced and learned from Angeles. I am blessed to have called her “friend” and blessed also that she considered me as such. I once asked her to interpret a 30-year, recurring dream; one that I could neither understand nor explain to myself or others. After recounting that dream to her [one night after class], within only 4 seconds of deep thought, she turned with her usual clarity, faced me with that sagacious, impish smile, and comprehensively illuminated my dream’s message ~ after decades of nagging frustration. Yes ~ Maria and I will light that candle for her on the 24th of every month for one year, as she requested.
    Sincerely –
    Fred Bannon

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