Just-when-you-thought-it-couldn’t-get-worse Department: Banks not only create money, but profit from current and former employee deaths!


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Neither of the following two posts is titled in a way that really describes what’s in it, so I provide introductions here.

By this time, most of us realize that funny money, or “fiat money,” is created ex nihilo by banks, every time we “take out a loan.” The amount of that loan is “money” spun into existence like magic, which then of course “comes due” over time, plus interest. That wasn’t always the case; and it doesn’t have to be the case, and might just change, if there’s enough push to return money creation to governments from banks. (Even better: to transform ourselves enough to realize that human energy is the real currency; that money is just an abstract, unconscious “agreement” that could disappear in a poof of wind, once we declare it so en masse.)

BAN ALL THE BANKS: Here’s The Wild Idea That People Are Starting To Take Seriously

Besides learning that big banks fund both sides of any war, here’s another outstandingly ghoulish aspect of some banks: big ones take out life insurance on current and former employees which then, in the event of their death, is paid not to the families, but to the banks! Zero Hedge investigated this phenomenon, and in light of all the young bankers who are jumping off buildings and hanging themselves, one does start to wonder just what’s up (or down). Are they being “suicided” because they were about to become whistleblowers? That’s what I cynically assumed. Turns out my dark imagination was way too naive. Banker deaths may be harvested as another lucrative source of profit, like drugs, or weapons, or wars! Yeah!

Guest Post: Suspicious Deaths Of Bankers Are Now Classified As “Trade Secrets” By Federal Regulator

Thanks to reader Rose, who nudged me to view these posts together.




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