New Moon/Solar Eclipse Taurus 2014: On Holy Ground


This New Moon/Eclipse is particularly interesting, given the whirlwind Cardinal Grand Cross that we’ve just sailed through. Notice, in the chart, that the Grand Cross is still visible (red lines connecting Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter/Mars).

Screenshot 2014-04-28 15.45.04

Notice also the flowing trines/sextiles that link earthy Sun/Moon/Mercury to Pluto (green lines) and to watery Jupiter and Saturn (blue lines); these stabilize an already steadying situation (due to the Taurus influence) further. We can breathe a sigh of relief — almost! But of course, not quite. And not really, given the tense Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter drama that began at the end of June 2013, and goes through the end of July 2014. And of course, expansive Jupiter has intensified the ongoing Uranus/Pluto square (2012-2015).

The trigger for the Cardinal Grand Cross, remember, was Mars, traveling Rx (thank the goddess; hard to get a war started under Mars Rx), in diplomatic Libra, a sign that Mars doesn’t like at all. So we’re lucky that Mars was somewhat hampered during last week’s Cardinal Grand Cross. Also, remember, that Cross was inside a Grand Trine in water, further smoothing its jutting edges. An image comes to mind, of trying to start a fire with soggy matches . . .

Even so, given the still present (though waning) Cardinal Grand Cross energies, we’re not “out of the woods” yet; though we are certainly walking with more assurance, hopefully, on this holy holy Taurus ground greening so quickly (in the northern hemisphere) that it takes our breath away. We fling off our shoes to revel in sensuous delight. We open our ears to the birds’ call, the frogs’ croak, the squirrels’ chatter. We fall into a swoon as primal life force perfume rising from below sifts into our quivering nostrils, as it always does, every spring, every single spring, no matter what, the power in the Earth springs forth. We can count on this utter miracle. We bow with tears of gratitude.

Taurus New Moon and Eclipse: Feel the Ground, Take a Step

April 24, 2014

by Amanda Painter


With the sign Taurus, we get an emphasis on the tangible and the sensual: slow touch, good food, gardening, experiential learning, beautiful possessions of value— and the urge to take the time to enjoy them. This year, we also get a solar eclipse in Taurus.

The eclipse arrives Tuesday, April 29, with the Taurus New Moon at 2:14 am EDT. This is a conjunction of the Sun and Moon, which begins a new lunar cycle. It is also the companion eclipse to the lunar eclipse of April 15, thereby closing the inter-eclipse period.

The two weeks between eclipses are often a time when you might find that certain aspects of your life make quantum leaps. Those leaps can be in a positive direction; they can also entail events that are stressful or downright painful. There is no “right” or “wrong” way to experience an eclipse, but they are moments of demarcation.

Given the high-powered astrology we’ve been experiencing in between this spring’s eclipses—the cardinal grand cross—it’s entirely possible you’re feeling out of sorts or overwhelmed. Just as possibly, you might be feeling energized or confident. You could also be noticing yourself in more of a supporting role to those around you, helping them to navigate their options and challenges.

Whatever your experience, the April 29 eclipse could feel like a point of intensification—or a shift to a new perspective. Either way, consider taking some deep breaths to release any anxiety and to relax as it gets close; see if you can free up some of your energy to focus on what you desire, rather than what you fear. Eclipses are potent pattern-setting events, so any attention and energy you can give to the things you love and value is going to set a positive template for the next 6 months or more—especially for a Taurus eclipse, ruled by Venus.

It’s also worth noting that the Taurus eclipse and New Moon is making aspects to Mercury (a loose conjunction) and Neptune in Pisces (a helpful, flowing aspect). Mercury entered Taurus yesterday (Wednesday).

Mercury in Taurus is a great image of slowing down your thoughts and communication and giving them more tangible or classic form in this age of digital everything. As in, reading a book instead of a Kindle, or sending a letter rather than an email. It’s the carefully crafted phrasing, not abbreviated text-speak.

With Mercury and Neptune in contact with the New Moon, you can expect your responses to things that impact you emotionally to be instinctual, and for your imagination and psychic sensitivity to be active. This could be positive if you’re aware of it and using it creatively, but there’s also a warning to watch for the tendency to dramatize things or to be more self-centered than is necessary.

Tauruses are often known for wanting to move at their own pace, taking time to think about and experience things—the proverbial cow chewing its cud. But there are also some indications from a couple minor planets that this New Moon and eclipse is less about that side of the sign and more about its underrated strength, endurance and ability to get a job done.

This eclipse looks like it is offering the power to break ground and bring forth material value in your life, if you’re willing to get your hands dirty, put your shoulder into it, and simultaneously receive the psychic and emotional information being offered. And if you’re still feeling anxious if life throws you a blazing curveball, come back to our body. Breathe. Feel your feet on the solid ground, and take whatever small step you can.


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