Is sharing a natural instinct? Kids think so.

Instinctive, that is, once kids get beyond their “first Mars Return” โ€” when Mars cycles back for the first time to its “natal place,” the zodiacal point it occupied when they were born. That’s somewhere between 18 months and two years, when, for awhile, all they can do, or rather scream, is “Me! My! Mine!” Luckily, we grow out of that “terrible two” phase, or, er, ah. . . most of us do โ€” unless and until we buy into the religion called “capitalism,” which funnels us back into frustrated or triumphant, supremely selfish and myopic, Mars energy! Yep! Those who would lord it over others are acting like a two-year-old!

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Edna ยป 5am – Apr 26, 2014

Sources: Action Against Hunger and NextWorldTV The Sharing Experiment – Is Sharing A Natural Instinct? 100% Of Kids DID Share… The organization Action Against Hunger wanted to know if sharing is a natural instinct. They conducted an experiment in Madrid, Spain to study human behavior when faced with the injustice of hunger. Of the 20 children under study, all 20 shared their food even though as far as they knew, no one was watching. When are the grown ups going to catch up?–Bibi Farber

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