Grand Cardinal Cross, personal log: Day Three, April 22-23: Mars Rx augurs implosion, not explosion

Ommigod. It’s already April 23rd. We’ve already gone through “peak-cross,” you might call it, and WE’RE STILL HERE. Not much has changed. The world didn’t blow up. The earthquakes didn’t rock our foundations. The volcanoes didn’t rain fire on our heads.

My own assessment? The Grand Trine in water is succeeding in bathing the Cardinal Grand Cross in its soothing energies. (Reminds me of nuclear rods in their “spent fuel pools.”) And what is aiding and abetting that miracle? Human consciousness. Meditation. Paying attention to both our own “stuff” and to what we need to do to let go of what’s still forcing us internally into predictable postures of pugilistic ugliness.

Oh yes, I’m sure if I look around I’d find lots of spot fires, you might call them, “random” violence as people with pressure cooker energies blew off steam. And there certainly have been nasty headlines from the U.S., telling Russia it has only days, not weeks (re: Ukraine) . . . Oh please! Spare us your sanctimonious hypocrisy!

The world’s biggest bully is getting unmasked continuously as this monumental April rolls on. And though the cabal may want to start another nasty little war (which of course, everybody who’s into either fear porn or reality wants to say will quickly go nuclear), we can thank our lucky stars (literally) that Mars, one of the more belligerant components of the Grand Cross, is moving retrograde. In other words, it’s as if, instead of explosions in the external world, we have implosions inside ourselves. What needs to blow up? Our old predatory, dog eat dog, capitalist world view, clearly, and that includes all our sanctimonious posturings that mask the need for painful choices — at least according to one pundit, who exclaims, “Fuck Earth Day!” In other words, get real folks, climate change is here, and unless we gear down, now, together, our children and their children are condemned to a future that few would choose to live through.

This author speaks with passionate intensity, and let’s hope it’s not just the “worst” who speak that way now. Remember Yeats:

Things fall apart.

The center cannot hold.

The best lack all conviction.

And the worst are full of passionate intensity.

I suggest that what still needs to implode during this Grand Cross with its trigger planet, Mars, running backwards, forcing us to go inside, is all the structures we have built, both materially, and in our minds, to keep us from accessing the intense and magisterial life force that runs through everything and everyone who feels truly alive.

Wake up. Come alive. It’s time.

That’s my message for this third day. I’m talking to myself, too, and wondering what more can I do than sit here blogging this morning, digging holes for blackberry bushes this afternoon, looking at the astro chart of one of my spiritual nieces via skype at 4 p.m., and three hours later, getting together with a woman who knew Michael Ruppert to look at his chart together.

Now there’s a man whose “passionate intensity” got the best of him in the end. But along the way, he lit up lots of fires that needed to ignite, and I, for one, am very grateful.

Now, let’s light our own internal fires, each of us. Look around you. What is yours to do? What excites your passion. What service can you perform? It’s yours. Go for it.

Remember, if YOU don’t follow your unique, astonishing, beautiful nature, there will be a hole in the universe where you’re supposed to be.

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  1. Ann I am enjoying your personal diary through this week. I met you in a Jin Shin Jyutsu Class about 10 years ago in Portland Oregon. You traded me some astro readings for an opal necklace. Just came across your blog out of the blue the other day and subscribed. Love your writings! Thanks for all, and hope you are still enjoying your opal piece!

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