Commentator Andre Vitchek: “Russia and Ukraine are soul mates, not enemies. Those who are dividing them should be exposed, shamed, and expelled!”

Yesterday, I published an educational piece about the complex history and current divisions and dynamics within the country of Ukraine. Here is a companion piece to that one, one commentator’s 2000 km journey through the Ukraine heartland between Kiev and Odessa, covering the country for RT and counterpunch, talking to the people, noticing the contradictions between what the western media says and realities on the ground, and exploring conflicting currents within the national mood.



Lies and Realities about the State of Ukraine

Here’s how it begins:


Two beautiful Slavic sisters, Ukraine and Russia, pitched against each other: long hair flying in the wind, gray-blue eyes staring forward accusatively, but in the same time with anticipation and love.

One single moment, one wrong move, one word, and two countries, two allies, two almost identical cultures, can easily dash at each other’s throats… Different words, different gestures, and they can also fall into each other’s arms, instantly.

Is there going to be a war, a battle or an embrace? Is there going to be an insult or reconciliatory words?

Ironically, there is no ‘self-grown dispute’ between two nations. The seeds of mistrust, and possible tragedy, are sown by the outsiders, and nurtured by their malignant propaganda.




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