Ukraine: Just who’s responsible for all those “Jewish registration” leaflets?

Update, same afternoon: Three pundits echo my own instinct concerning this vile abomination. Here, here, and here. 1397743203000-XXX-CRIMEA-LEAFLET-JEWS What is this? A teenage punk prank? A cynical psy-op perpetrated by the CIA, Israel and other western troublemakers via their handmaiden MSM (U.S.A. Today, CNN)? Oh yeah! What a reliable old false flag, drawing on memories hammered in over decades, generations, way back into the Earth herself, down deep. She carries it all. She holds all the suffering, the death, the pain — and composts it, to transform into birth and growth come spring, every year, her glorious Greening bringing the world to life again and again after the dead of winter. And this winter felt particularly cold, and snowy, icy. Spring feels wonderful, reassuring, even though we can’t quite trust it yet. Spring could vanish tonight, if it chose. Climate change has forced us to adapt to numerous sudden, unpredictable changes, increasing in intensity as time goes on; we busily build back-up systems, and a denser web of relationship exchanges — into our resilience, both in space and time, to protect us from sudden squalls like this one that does double duty, broadcasting “Eeek! The Russians are Coming the Russians are Coming?” And “Eeek! The Holocaust, the Holocaust!” to stir up old nightmarish memories and freeze the mind into F-E-A-R. Shame on whoever is responsible for perpetrating this cynical abomination, yet one more sputtering, failed effort to ignite World War III.

Jews ordered to register in East Ukraine

Aaah. I see now that at least two (slightly less obedient) MSM mouthpieces refuse to go along.

Relax, Ukraine Is Not Ordering Its Jews to Register

Ukraine Is Not Ordering Its Jews to Register

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  1. rose day says:

    War mongers will obviously stoop to lower than low to further the agenda…encouraging that
    we have access to alternative views which in effect short-circuit the manipulation. Much thanks
    for sharing.

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