Death and Dying: “the granddaddy of manufactured fear-inducing memes”


The Manufacturing of Death

April 16, 2014

Contributed by Hugh


Fear of Death

There are a multitude of manufactured fear inducing memes and the granddaddy of them all is the concept of death and dying. Bearing a time stamp that eerily parallels the introduction of formalized religions, the self-appointed leaders or priests cleverly instilled and then promoted a false narrative of man’s mortality essentially rendering him subservient to their demands out of fear of the unknown.

Effectively robbing him of any memory about his true nature as an eternal being, this illusionary man-made construct also served to silence any malcontents and successfully diminished a growing concern the priests may have had about a loss of control over “their” disorganized minions.

Using fear as a weapon to control people is not uncommon. The history of humanity is replete with tyrants of many stripes resorting to fear based tactics who’s means of herding societal chattel in a particular direction aides in the completion of their nefarious ends.

I believe that people are starting to wise up and have slowly, but surely, begun to realize that our fears, especially the fear of dying are just illusions and nothing more than false evidence appearing real.

Uncovering this and other noble lies empowers humanity to begin asking the harder questions; to challenge conventional perceptions that have been handed down through the centuries and is tantamount to peacefully emptying their quiver one arrow at a time… –


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