Cosmic Convergence: April’s energies, DETAILED, astrologically

This is a terrific revealing of the tremendously explosive/expressive energies at play during this exceptional month. Explains the Grand Cross clearly and cogently, situating the unravelling and regrouping geopolitical context within it. And remember, that Grand Cross of Initiation is held in place by the Grand Trine in water, nourishing breakaway energies in the ocean of Love. No matter how trigger-happy we feel, and there’s plenty of energy to fuel everybody’s temper, we are all held in a cauldron of Compassion and each of us is charged with alchemically transforming our own unique expression of the Grand Cross energy to fuel a massive regeneration of Life on Earth.

Via Myron.

All Hell (and Heaven) Breaks Loose in 2014

Global Transformation Accelerates: Multiple Astrological Triggers Pulled during April

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