April 14-15: Full Moon Eclipse

TotalEclipseMoonThis is a good, clear interpretation of tomorrow night’s Full Moon/Eclipse as prelude to the upcoming Cardinal Cross.

Via shiftfrequency.

Henry Seltzer: A Dramatic Full Moon Eclipse


This Full Moon eclipse configuration is also fascinating in terms of the Major Asteroids. These are feminine archetypes, and are becoming more important in our times, with the return, in more mature form, of the feminism and the civil rights issues of the sixties. It was certainly refreshing in the Democratic presidential primary race of 2008, to find a black man running against a women! Getting back to the current skies, we find that three of the four Feminine Asteroids are strongly implicated in this extra-powerful Full Moon, and they are Ceres, ruling nutrition, found in Libra, which the Moon conjuncts to within a tenth of a degree; Vesta, two degrees away from the Moon and Ceres, ruling solitary feminine achievement; and finally, exactly opposite Vesta, and near the Aries Sun, we find Juno, the consort of Zeus/Jupiter, who was partner-oriented. By contrast, the Vestal Virgins of mythology gave of themselves in a spiritual way, and also kept the hearth fires burning, but were dependent upon no man. All three of these asteroids are completely caught up in this powerful opposition of Sun and Moon, so that there is a message here that feminism in all its forms is definitely on the rise. This is indeed called for in the tenor of the times, when every voice, representing both masculine and feminine energies, the Yin and the Yang of our human condition, must rise to be counted.

And see this, which echoes the above:

More on the Astrology of the (apparently over?) BLM/Bundy Standoff

A.K.: We are asked to balance extreme male energy with nurturing feminine energy, each of us, internally, during this critical, intensely creative and/or volatile time.




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  1. Myron Jacobs says:

    Hi Ann,
    Here’s quite an interesting piece on the same subject.
    All Hell (And Heaven) Breaks Loose In 2014
    “Global Transformation Accelerates: Multiple Astrological Triggers Pulled During April”

    Keep up the great work!

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