An Open Letter from Kevin Annett

images-1From this letter, I have a feeling that Kevin Annett, like much of the world, thanks to MSM blackout, has yet to learn about the miracle that graced the Bundy ranch in Nevada yesterday (and see this), where after three days, hundreds of awake, fearless folks, despite warnings from hundreds of BLM goons that they would shoot, walked together straight into what could have been mass slaughter. The massive power of the police state stopped in its tracks, and reversed itself. Many Davids, banding together, defeated Goliath, at least for the moment. This victory of the people should give a great boost energetically to Kevin Annett’s work in bringing down the Vatican and the English monarchy.

Astonishing, Annett’s long-term nerve.

It is time. April 2014 is here. NOW. The upcoming Grand Cross of Initiation is already firing us on all cylinders while nourishing and protecting us in a Grand Trine field of Love.

We all have our fearless work to do. All of us in concert with each other. What is yours? Grab hold. Activate and release. The force will be with you.

Behold! The flowering of our sacred humanity, as it opens to greet the universe.

Saturn Eats His Children


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  1. New developments in the Bundy Ranch standoff.

    DHS insider reveals the Federal retreat was complete Psyop to study opposition to crush rebellion in next assault.

  2. By Clint Richardson:
    A basic tenet of the implementation of United Nation’s (Agenda 21) world-wide program entitled “Sustainable Development” is to replace the many declarations of rights and privileges called “constitutions” of the many countries with one global charter. This constitution of the Earth, called the ‘Declaration of Human Rights”, has one very important distinction between itself and that of the U.S. Constitution: the critical altering of individual rights so that the good of the collective people and the state have absolute rights over the individual people. In essence, the concept of natural or God-given rights are erased within this global charter.

    In essence, the rights of the people to have private property must be eroded or stripped, making all ownership of any property a part of the “community”. Only then can the global Agenda 21 Sustainable Development take a root where once there was individual rights and property. And only by making private property into public (community) property, can the State and local governments justify the legal theft of that property in the name of the people.

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