Reminder: Bill Hicks and George Carlin on the Continuous Choice between Fear and Love

The last post discusses and helps to dispell the individual and collective fear that attends the dying process, mainly because we have whisked death out of the home and installed it in impersonal institutions where what could be a sacred ceremony is often viewed as a medical “failure” and interpreted from a purely physical point of view.

So horrifically sad, our western culture’s fear of death! Indeed, this final taboo, against thinking about, talking about and preparing for death, may well be the underlying root cause of our collective dysfunctionality, leading to addictions of all kinds, including the habitual projection of our secret, internal terror of death and dying onto the external world through repeatedly enacting the killing fields of war.

Here’s another post from the email list that generalizes about the choice that awaits us, not just as we contemplate the dying process, but inside every single second of our wild and precious lives.

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    Thank you Ann! This is an area often hard to face even for those if us not afraid of our own death. It’s difficult to face the loss of those we love even tho we may accept and understand something intellectually, the pain of loss of missing someone is real and we have to live through the process moment by moment . I believe it will be better when approached as sacred and faced with love and mindfulness than attempting to hide from it but still I don’t look forward to it. My own crossing over seems less intimidating by far, at least to me!

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