Crones at play

Via Win, one of my favorite crone sisters whom I met for the first time at an annual Crones Counsel, way back when, in the early ’90s, I think. Seems like I’ve always known you, Win. But no, we actually met at one of the past Counsels. Maybe drumming around the night fire on the beach? Or listening, in rapt attention, to each others’ stories at morning storytelling time. Or snaking around in a spiral dance, meeting, greeting each others’ eyes soul to soul? Or eating a meal at a big round table with other crones? Or dancing, frenzied, out of body. Yeah. Can’t remember which Counsel, or where (Seattle? Asilomar? Salt Lake? Boise?), or how far back. So long ago! Geez! We have lived!

And here we are again.

What better to do, during times of chaos and uncertainty — a pregnant pause swelling the sky, hidden grief boiling within — then duck under the table and chuckle?

Life is but a dream, within a dream — Shakespeare.


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