Psy-Op, or Real, or Both! Department: 2014 “Global Spring”

Propaganda Psy-op? “Worldwide Wave of Action.” “The Global Spring” begins

I haven’t read through this entire piece, nor watched all the videos on it, and don’t plan to. But the subject of the relationship between “psy-ops” and genuine r/evolutions does interest me greatly. Always the question can be asked, “which came first, the chicken or the egg?” And in this case, was this new version of Spring Awakening set up by the PTB as “controlled opposition?” Or was it co-opted by the PTB as an attempt to guide the emerging collective outrage against injustice, as usual, in the direction of utter mayhem to necessitate ramping up police “protection” for total control? We can always ask that question, “which came first?” We asked that question about Occupy. I suggest both are true. Both chicken and egg come first, depending on which one you pay attention to first.

I prefer to take a broader perspective, see them both at once, and the dynamic between them. Both of them are “causing” the other, so to speak. To do this is to begin to pop clear of the 3D world, supposedly run by left-brain rules of formal logic as they map linear chains of cause and effect.

I prefer to see them both — and everything else! — in the Buddhist context of “co-dependent origination,” which I visualize as waves upon the sea, each one carrying various flotsam and jetsam on its surface. What flotsam is “cause,” and what jetsam “effect”? A clumsy metaphor, but you get the gist.


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  1. queenvictrola says:

    Photograph the agents provacateurs, strike, boycott, do not comply and keep speaking truth to power. Oh, and like Dylan said, “don’t follow leaders and watch your parkin’ meters”, too. 🙂

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