Possible “channeled” info: Flight 370, Putin, the Crimea: “There’s likely to be a bit of interdimensional blackmail going on.”

Image: businessinsider.com

Image: businessinsider.com

I found this fascinating snippet on a cassiopaea forum (via rmn). It dovetails with channeled information from Mathew Ward that at first I didn’t take seriously, but now, reading this post with similar info, I do.

Malaysian Flight 370

Especially interesting to me was the cassiopaea perspective on possible links between the plane and Crimea — disappearing the plane (into another dimension) as a show of force from “Above” that told the PTB to back off on its plans for WW III, or there might be more — hmmmm. Also, an interesting view of Putin with which I’m in accord. As I read in a recent Pepe Escobar post,

The Kerry-Lavrov Chess Match

— the Americans are used to playing Monopoly, but Russia plays Chess. Bingo!

Cassiopaea.org, Forum, Administrator Laura, Session 22, March 2014

Q: (L) I think the topic on everybody’s mind is The Plane [Malaysian Airlines Flight 370]. The plane, the plane! {Fantasy Island.}(Pierre) Where is it?

A: In well of space/time lock.

Q: (L) Well, the Chinese are certain that they have located some wreckage.

A: Any “wreckage” located under the circumstances must be seen as highly questionable.

Q: (Pierre) Was it deliberate, or was it an accident?

A: Happens when bleedthrough causes confusion.

Q: (L) Confusion of what?

A: Realms and all within.

Q: (Perceval) Seems like the confusion was evident in the change in direction of the plane, and then it disappeared into a well of time and space. (Data) Are the passengers okay on the plane?

A: Depends on how you define “okay”.

Q: (Perceval) Is it a similar situation to Flight 19?

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) So, we have that explanation in the transcripts, what’s going on with the passengers… Do any of the PTB on the planet know?

A: Of course! Why do you think there was such a comedown vis-a-vis Crimea and Russia?

Q: (L) You mean they had plans to be more aggressive and “in-their-faces”, and they… (Perceval) Why would the disappearance of the plane make them scared or make them back down? Was it “comedown”, was that what was said? Like a retreat. So, basically the PTB backed down on Crimea and Russia and that whole situation because the plane disappeared and they were worried about…? (Pierre) So, if you lie too much, if you create too much chaos, like unjustified war, you might increase such a bleedthrough?

A: They have “advisors” and “interpretors” of such things.

Q: (Pierre) So the advisors said if they go on with the attack, and with lying and manipulating… (L) I don’t think they would say that. (Perceval) They wouldn’t spell it out. (L) I don’t think that they would talk to them in those terms. (Pierre) What would they say? (L) Probably say something like, I dunno… Maybe they have some advisors and interpreters who say, “We did that, and if you don’t back down, we’re gonna do more!” Ya know, like threatening rather than explaining to them how to be good boys.

A: More or less.

Q: (L) I mean, we would all like to think that there would be some high and mighty power in the world that would tell the psychopaths, “Oh, if you keep creating chaos, you’re gonna screw things up! You’re a bad boy!” But that’s not likely to happen because it would just be, ya know… (Perceval) You get into the idea of different levels of power here. People are doing the whole overt Crimea thing. And they have advisors and maybe they suspect that there’s a higher power like the ones that blew up the Columbia space shuttle for Bush and stuff. They ascribe this plane incident to “them”, and interpret it in some way like, “Let’s back off” kind of thing. Like the way they alluded to this idea that there is a higher power that has vast technology and can influence the American government and its policies for example by sending a warning… So maybe the ones who take note of these things looked at this plane and said, “Maybe this is some kind of message to us.”

A: There is likely to be a bit of interdimensional blackmail going on. How likely do you think it is for the “reality creating” US PTB to back down from their natural state of being the world’s biggest bully?

Q: (Pierre) Why did those higher entities want the PTB to back down concerning Crimea and Russia?

A: They understand what the consequences are.

Q: (Perceval) So their whole thing is all about control… nuclear or global war, and that’s the end of it. They’ve always wanted to control things and squeeze the people even tighter. (L) Well, the only thing that ever scares or stops a psychopath is a bigger psychopath. Um, I just have the feeling that somehow MOSSAD is involved in all of this business, like maybe even this plane thing. It’s just too, um…

A: Maybe they live up to their motto?

Q: (L) “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.” So that would suggest that, at some level, MOSSAD is involved with these advisors or interpreters, or somehow… (Perceval) They’ve said in the past that MOSSAD is near the top of the hierarchy. (L) So, at the top of MOSSAD, there’s the interface with the hyperdimensional STS beings, more or less.

A: Yes.

Q: (L) So… (Perceval) The Israelis are the chosen people! Who else would be chosen for such a job? (L) I see. Okay. So, that’s the plane. Oh, I want to ask about the phones. How come the phones were still ringing three days after the plane was missing?

A: Being in another time/space “space” is not out of reach of electronic signals, plus there is the time anomaly.

Q: (L) So, ET really can phone home? [laughter]

A: Yes.

Q: (Perceval) But he might get the call before or after it was made! (L) Yeah, he’ll get it yesterday.

A: Something like that.

Q: (Chu) Well, now they can shut it out of the news, but they’ll have to come up with something. (L) They’ll just ignore it. Just the big honking ignoring tactic that makes all kinds of things just completely disappear from people’s minds. (Perceval) Absolutely. Just move on. There’s been about 50 planes that have disappeared like that, and never found. (Chu) Yeah but they said the families were going on hunger strikes and stuff. (Perceval) If they don’t give them any news coverage, no one will know. (L) Yeah, without any news coverage, what are they going to have? Facebook and Twitter. (Andromeda) Are we gonna start seeing a lot more of this kind of thing?

A: Oh yes!!!

Q: (Mr. Scott) Awesome! (Perceval) Any chance of the Pentagon just going missing?

A: It has a different destiny!

Q: (Chu) A comet?!

A: Wait and see!

Q: (L) You mean, we’re gonna see? Are we gonna LIKE it?

A: Probably.

Q: (L) Okay, I guess the question on a lot of people’s minds is: How about that Vladimir Putin, huh?

A: He’s not perfect but he’s the best your planet has in such a position at this time.

Q: (L) So, he’s not a psychopath?

A: No.

Q: (Perceval) Is there anyone essentially giving him orders? Is what he’s doing being controlled directly in that sense?

A: Not in the sense you mean, but yes in the sense of conscience.

Q: (Ark) I think that what is of value is that he has the right team of advisors. When you have your advisors and they are smart and knowledgeable, they are experts in certain areas, and they will say, “If you do this, this will be the result, so I suggest that.”

A: Indeed, there are many in Russia who learned in a school of hard reality difficult for Westerners to imagine. On top of this, they are better educated in general.

Q: (PoB) Is there a real threat of Putin being assassinated?

A: Always that, but he wasn’t KGB for nothing.

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