Oops! The “Law of Attraction” attracts wimps


I realize that the title I gave to this piece is a bit harsh, but you know what? I’ve given up caring whether or not I hurt someone’s sensitive “feelings.” Suck it up! Get on with it! As the most famous quote from poet Mary Oliver challenges, and leaves us as her epitaph:

“Tell me. What do you plan to do with

your one wild and precious life?”

Yep! I celebrate Jon Rappoport’s assessment of the Law of Attraction, and have so often noticed how people who “believe” in that Law tend to sit around waiting for whatever “good” is supposed to come to them, given all their good thoughts. Instead of plunging below the illusory plane of good and evil where choices teach us about desire and consequence, cause and effect; rather than touching into the infinite Love moving through us that generates both that flimsy, filmic plane and those choices, nanosecond by nanosecond, way way WAY too many of us dither and diddle, “hoping” to magnetize “the best” if we can just keep our thoughts “pure” enough.

In my own experience, only as I acknowledge, honor and embrace, i.e., integrate both the dark and the light, both my wonderful ideals and my deepest fears, both my miniscule consciousness and my vast unconsciousness, both my courageous, rational “male” side and my intuitive, spacious “female” side — am I then moment-by-moment “saved,” and not by my goodness, but by my ecstatic capacity to drink in the omniverous energy of the universe, transform and express that energy according to my own fully individualized nature, and thereby gift the overflowing generosity of that original, unique essential self to the world.

As I step into the joyful rhythm of this singular life, a feedback loop ignites, revs up to warp speed. I spin. Synchronicities pop in, like fireflies, like magic, lighting the way forward, backward, and all around. “I am large, I contain multitudes.” — Walt Whitman

YES! In my being and in my doing, I participate in the unfolding, mysterious, interwoven magnificence, absurdly grateful and glad.

Why the Law of Attraction Fails


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  1. Joy Shayne Laughter says:

    I would offer that there is a vast difference between “positive thinking” (which is effective and is embraced by accomplished people in all fields, from athletics to business to the arts) and “magical thinking” (which encourages you to sit on your butt and wait for your exact request to be handed to you).

    Universal abundance is far more Attracted to positive thinking, I have found, because positive thinking can perceive the *essence* of what is being sought, no matter the form of its vehicle.

    This is what I have found to be true.

    For instance: “I will receive money today” may result in finding a quarter on the street, rather than winning the lottery. A positive thinker might pocket the quarter, laugh and revise their statement to: “I will receive as much money as I need today” — which could mean another quarter, if the person really does have all the money they “need.” This is what I learned about the Universe when I was dead, dead broke.

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