Smatterings of Good News lighten my bad mood

On a day when, once again, I woke up “in a bad mood,” I walked with puppy Shadow under hazy, crisscrossed chemtrail skies. Back home, I searched for good news and found some, each story provocative, and if broadened and accelerated, game-changing.

Chile Derails Monsanto Law that Would Privatize Seeds

Pay it Forward Plan would Allow Michigan Students to Attend College for Free

Ran Prieur: Urban farming now allowed in Spokane

Protestors rain down thousands of bills in Guggenheim Rotunda

New Banking Regulations Begin: Volker Rule Comes into Play Tomorrow Ending speculative Tradings

And finally, this clip, now a week old, where an MSM female co-host actually wakes up on air and doesn’t let sexist male ridicule stop her. Wow! How well I remember those kinds of interactions back in the late ’60s when I woke up and refused to let sexist male ridicule stop me. Okay, so that’s over 40 years ago. And yes, “all important changes do take a long time,” I remind myself, still sunk in a funk, but beginning to rally.

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