More Good News: Three types of free energy

They all look way too technical for me to comprehend, much less build. But glad to see that the ongoing Uranus/Pluto/Jupiter T-square in cardinal signs is accelerating people’s inventive energies. If there’s one kind of initiation that’s required to “change the world,” it’s the decentralization of energy sources, plus the decoupling of energy needs from planetary resource depletion and pollution.

With the PTB preoccupied with demonizing Putin and trying to start World War III, maybe they won’t get to these inventors in time to either kill them or buy them off.

It does appear that the jig is up, that centralized power mechanisms are spinning convulsively out of control. Which means that we, who are awake, must gear down, stay grounded, connect with our higher selves, and help harmonize the chaotic/chaordic atmosphere that promises, in April, to reach its apex.

Free Energy Devices for March 2014


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