JC Collins, a new blogger with an unusually deep, wide, clear perspective


I first came across JC Collins when I eagerly clicked on a piece in rumormillnews, one of the sites I check daily just for this kind of nugget, which sometimes appears. The post was titled The Karen Hudes Operation, and it was that word “operation” that made me curious. (I suggest you read that post on his site, however, since the italics and bold do not come through on rms, which makes it difficult to read there.)

I was interested because something about Karen Hudes has just not sat well with me from the beginning. I know she’s seen as a fabulous and very brave whistleblower from the World Bank, and that she may be. But I dunno. She is so damn sure of herself, and makes such strong, and often wild, statements, that I draw back, wondering. So this J.C. Collins post came as a welcome confirmation for my own intuitive take on her, as, frankly, a mixture of info and disinfo.

In fact I found JC Collins’ way of thinking so interesting that I read through a number of his posts, and find them unusually enlightening and multidimensional. Would love to know more about his background. Interesting that he does not divulge what it is.

Here’s his latest:

The Bear and the Dragon

Reflective Symbolism and the Rise of Multilateralism


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  1. ksense says:

    Karen has never said anything that I didn’t already know or suspect. It that sense, I don’t regard her as a whistle blower (someone who alerts me to something I had no clue of). My logic asks “if she’s not a whistle blower, what is she?” A lot can be discerned by observing who supports her.

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