WOW! Did ETs neutralize neocon false flag at The Hague nuclear summit?

Unknown-1If you recall, there has been talk that President Putin is working with ETs, that they “have his back;” which is why he’s so sure of himself and measured in his responses to the hysteria of NATO hyenas. I’d rather call it his original nature, the astrological signature he flew in on, buttressed by martial arts training since he was eleven years old. The man is centered.

In any case, here’s a follow-up piece on the ET/Putin partnership theory. True? Before you call it bullshit, check out the documentation on decades-long ET interference with nuclear weapons. And check out former Canadian defense minister Paul Hellyer’s and historian Richard Dolan’s testimonies.

BTW: the author calls this story “fiction,” because, he says, “the information is not allowed to be presented as fact.”

And BTW again: Think about it. Given how our technology has vastly outstripped our wisdom, indeed, given how our alpha dog idiocy still rules, there’s simply no way that, since 1945 (that’s nearly 70 years!) we would have prevented ourselves from at least accidentally starting a nuclear conflagration, unless we were getting help from somewhere.

Secret Space War XV: Epic Fail: Neocons Go for Broke

NeoCons Go For Broke With Attempted CZ748 Terror Strike on Hague Nuclear Summit, But Tall Whites Neutralize Cloaking Device


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