On Natural and Un-Natural Religions

On Sunday morning, I used to go to “Mass.” Now I go to Nature.

Remember this photo? I took it late last summer, and it’s been on my desktop ever since. Note the face in the upper center (just above the light) that Laura Bruno discovered. Puppy Shadow and I are about to go back to that Griffy Lake trail today. What gods will blink in and out this time?


What Is The Real God? Deciphering ‘Un-Natural’ Religion

March 30, 2014

by Jeff Roberts


For millennia, it has been one of the most sensitive subjects known in the dialogue of man, one which has caused more division, war and death than any other topic in history. Religion. Over time the true meaning of religion has been woven into obscurity, masked by the various prevalent monotheistic factions that dominate our world today. Spiritual speaker Tobias Lars addresses this subject in one of his YouTube videos, titled “natural vs. un-natural religions.”

So what is a ‘natural’ religion and what constitutes a religion as ‘un-natural?’ According to Lars, the answer is quite is simple, “there is a natural religion which connects us all,” as well a more assertive un-natural religion which disconnects the masses. The natural religion is comprised of the same force that sprouts trees, flowers and grass. It exists within every atom in the universe. The natural religion is expressed through the perfection of nature. Conversely, the un-natural religion is one that denies its follower the true connection to nature. These religions hold the belief that their way is the only way. It promotes forceful conversion and division. It denies the most fundamental aspects of life, the human body, sex and freedom.


Dominant religions today dictate that any god associated with nature, i.e. Pan, is the ‘devil’ (They depict Pan with horns). Adam and Eve were told to stay away from the “Tree of Knowledge” -the devil was also represented as a serpent who wanted Adam and Eve to utilize the Tree of Knowledge. Un-natural religions want us to judge ourselves, undergo unconsented surgery (circumcision), and in some cases even cover ourselves up so that only our eyes are showing.

Other signs of an un-natural religion include violent conversions, dominating characteristics, ‘special’ revelations within the sector, and any Jehovah-inspired religion. (Jehovah was a Sumerian King, who was actually an Anunnaki). In his video, Lars goes on to discuss the story of Abraham, who was ordered by ‘God’ to murder one of his sons, but in the last moment before he was about to commit the act, God revealed that he was just trying to test Abraham’s faith. Shouldn’t anyone be untrusting of a sadomasochistic god?

In contrast, we look at the message from Jesus, who came to teach people about love and brotherhood. Jesus’s mission was to clear old karmic energies. He taught the famous golden rule, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” as well as educating people to love everyone, including ourselves first. He advocated that the ‘kingdom of heaven’ is within everyone. Jehovah/YHWH didn’t agree with these teachings, however, co-opting Jesus’s name and creating a violent religion-ism with it, the basis of which Christianity was founded. Un-natural religions state that only their followers will go to ‘heaven,’ creating a reliance based on fear.

Natural religions would never ostracize someone for choosing their own way. Shamans would never say “you must come and do ayahuasca to be holy,” but instead believe that people will come if they are ready, and if and/or when they do, the Shamans will gladly share their knowledge. This isn’t to say that all tribal cultures have always followed this kind of philosophy, as many ancient native cultures were deceived into believing they must perform sacrificial rituals to honour their gods. Many cultures from the past were manipulated by intelligent beings, or ETs.

The real god exists within the empty space of every molecule, every atom. It is the humble vibration emanating from every corner of the universe. It expresses itself through the blossoming of a flower, nature’s orgasm. It is the heart center within all of us, the Kundalini spine that connects us to source. This is the ‘natural’ religion. We’ve been fooled into thinking this exists outside of us by a system that runs on mass fear.


We must learn to discern for ourselves, rather than accept trans-generational philosophies and attitudes. The knowledge of the universe exists within every person on the planet. Fortunately this knowing is spreading. The days of deception, war and judgement are coming to an end. If we want the restoration of the natural, we can have it. It’s as simple as saying it, feeling it, and then creating it. Our power to manifest is more astounding than you probably know. Much love <3

Check out Tobias Lars’ YouTube Channel here.

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  1. Mark White says:

    I have in the last several days been thinking and writing on this very topic. I like the terms used here, natural versus un-natural religion. I have been using the terms authentic versus conventional religion. As I understand it, authentic universal religion is Reverence (and all the many notions which derive from or are associated with Reverence.) Conventional religion typically is unproductive, often even counter productive in its task of providing framework and cultivation of Reverence (the wisdom of Love/Primordial Ecstasy). 🙂

  2. Pamela says:

    That is one beautiful forest!
    And yes, the picture contains a witness observer..
    How wonderful.

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