WOW! Advertising Utilized to Shift Paradigms?

Having no television, I did not see “the ‘poolside’ ad everyone hated,” until now. So here we are, noticing a terrific use of something else many of us “hate,” the phenomenon of advertising itself, to both educate and inspire.

Ford Trashes Cadillac Ad with Great Parody of “Poolside” Ad Everyone Hated

Pashon Murray is slightly less arrogant

March 27, 2014

By Tim Nudd via John


It took a while, but someone has finally lampooned Cadillac’s much-derided “Poolside” commercial starring Neal McDonough. And not just any old someone—Ford Motor Co.
Ford’s agency, Team Detroit, shot the parody below, which stars the polar opposite of the McDonough character—Pashon Murray, the founder of Detroit Dirt, a sustainability consultancy and advocacy group. The Cadillac spot showcased the CLR luxury plug-in hybrid. The Ford video shows off the Ford C-MAX hybrid. But Murray’s message about today’s America is light years away from Cadillac’s.
The spoof is posted on its own YouTube channel, not Ford’s. But it has Ford’s tacit approval. Speaking to the Deroit Free Press, Ford spokeswoman Sara Tatchio described the video as “lighthearted,” and added: “I don’t think we’re mocking a competitor. We’re trying to showcase positive work being done in our community.”
Yeah, no mockery going on here. GM has not commented.


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