No external creator “God” needed in this endlessly regenerating infinite universe . . .

8196107204_f25819fa33_zHere’s an essay that I find utterly compelling, probably because it resonates with my own intuition. It is a view of the cosmos that I have yet to see elsewhere — thus, no doubt, confessing my own ignorance . . .

Infinite Cosmos of Light and Life: Dark Energy and Black Holes Don’t Exist

March 1, 2013

by R.A Ayana



The reason the cosmos is perpetually expanding is that an infinite sea of manifesting ‘particles’ — which are actually holographic fractal components of the greater multiversal whole — are continuously spreading the ‘fabric of space’ by their very appearance. Energy is continuously accreting into our observable timespace as a result of this mechanism — and ‘matter’ is continuously precipitating into our plenum by the same mechanism. The cosmos is perpetually self-renewing and utterly infinite — a recursive holographic fractal forever giving rise to new versions of itself.

“There is nothing ‘dark’ about it. Everything is light.


‘Space’ itself is a soon-to-be discredited term for the ‘luminiferous aether’ — the plenum of light recognised by ancients and natural philosophers of more recent eras — an all-pervasive field whose existence was NOT disproven by the 19th Century Michelson-Morley experiments, as widely claimed;5 another simplistic error that has misled science for more than a century.

No external or externalised god or goddess exists. There was no instant of creation, for creation is constant and eternal. (My emphasis: A.K.) We are all holographic parts of a holographic whole in an infinite cosmos of unending possibility.

It’s time to discard the timeworn apparel of binding blinkers and to enter a new dawning world of extraordinary potential with naked, open, honest eyes and innocently open minds. Welcome to the new Millennium and behold the new paradigm, for the future is upon us! Thou art god(dess) — and so is everyone else.

Care to dare, and share the only truth? A billion open minds are awaiting your decision.


If, as is likely, you doubt any of the aforementioned facts and ideas, it would be wise to investigate the extraordinarily well formulated theories of the proponents of modern Electric Universe cosmology – particularly the Thunderbolts website @


P.S. – Schools are for insecure fish and money-blinded wage slaves. Educate yourself! Turn on, tune in and OPT OUT of the deadly pseudo-civilisation of purblind rulers and nonsensical unfair rules. Don’t imagine you can ‘change the system from within’ – that’s just another way for insecure people to sell out to the lowest bidder. Create a new way of life with likeminded friends and loved ones. As the great bard Marley sang, ‘Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves can free our minds.’



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