Carl Boudreau: “Is April the rollout date for the new paradigm?”

Carol Boudreau, his monthly astrology address for April. From my notes:

“New Paradigm? I see this month as a question: what should we find in the real world if this new paradigm is in force? The reason I bring it up this month is that I suspect that April, with its complex astrological goings-on, is the rollout date for the New Paradigm.

“April’s chart much like January’s: a kite formation with a cardinal cross embedded in it. Thus, orderly, constructive change. Historically, there has been head-butting at the top of two groups with sharply conflicting views. Another feature of the old paradigm was only the small group at the top had anything to say about it. Their version of events was believed, exclusively. What happened in January was very different: the usual headlock at the top, but instead of things breaking down at the top, we had people at the grassroots contributing to what was going on at the top: thus, progress on pot legalization, marriage equality, and more. A sharp contrast between what happened in January and the way things used to be.

“April’s chart: grand cardinal cross: a set up for headbutting at the top. And the cardinal signs are rooted in fixed houses. Polar opposites solidly rooted in fixed sign houses. Not a lot of mutability, flexibility, wiggle room. This is something we’ve seen over and over again in history.

“The Jupiter/Pluto opposition: the financial axis: main street vs. wall street.

“Uranus/Mars opposition: relationship between hyper individualistic and community/group interests.

“Kite links Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Chiron, Neptune and Venus into a flexible supportive structure that will blend all the energies into an ultimately harmonious dynamic. Except that there is one missing sextile in the kite which will block progress until fundamental philosophical assumptions (Sagittarius) that shape public policies are addressed . . .

“These issues will be resolved over time, due to the retrograde motion of many of the planets. We’re going to start to rewrite the contract between the 1% and the 99%.”



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