Update, personal, and impersonal: My trip to Arkansas/Louisiana

It has, of course, been a wild ride.

First, to Eureka Springs, Arkansas, where I parked in front of two yet uninstalled toilets,


to reside for three nights in the funky, under renovation, Joy Motel —


and participated in a Sufi Retreat. I left there on Sunday, during a driving snowstorm, for Covington, Louisiana, getting lost, as usual, along the way, and arrived last night. More on this journey to visit my 95-year-old Mom and sister Paula later.

Meanwhile, lots of interesting links to pursue. I’ll leave them up to you, for now.

For example:

Ye gods!

Forests around Chernobyl not decaying properly

Now we know what China’s empty cities are for. Agenda 21 anyone?

China’s farmers being forced into cities

BTW: spent the night Sunday in another funky motel, this one in Little Rock, on the way South. No wireless, so watched TV. Whew! That Flight 370 is all the MSM cares about, despite the accelerating drama in Ukraine, which the west continues to “lose,” and which makes me think both my astrological assessment of Putin and my original post on this Flight 370 subject are both just about spot on. Here’s somebody who agrees with the latter:

Media focuses in on flight 370 conspiracy theories while world edges closer to war

Here’s another version, by zerohedge, who, for me, keeps on showing that he has a lot of common sense.

Finally, a plausible scenario as to what happened to Flight 370

Wow! A new Occupy Party? (I admire those who think this political system can be saved.)

Out of Occupy a new political party is being formed

Meanwhile, zero hedge also features a very interesting review of the second season of House of Cards, with which I completely agree, though I have yet to watch the final episode. The entire series is brilliant, disgusting and way too real.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war

So where are we? Well, I hauled one of son Colin’sGarden Towers (for some reason, this url won’t load here. Grrrr! So just go to www.gardentowerproject.com) with me to plant with Paula and her husband David. We’ll get seeds and soil and worms for it tomorrow, and put the tower together and plant it ceremonially on Thursday, Spring Equinox. I declare this as our way of stepping into a new, regenerative world.

I will document that process here.

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  1. dougrtw says:

    I love the photo. Reminds me of Mud, a film that was set in Arkansas that I just watched. Wonderful movie.

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