Note: I leave again, this time for Louisiana

Be gone probably two weeks. Just as in February on the east coast, blogging may be sporadic and family oriented, since I’m going to hang out with our 95-year-old Mom, aka Lady Renee, and her dear and dedicated caregiver, our sister Paula. Unfortunately, won’t have puppy Shadow with me this time. But I brought audio books for the road. And will spend the weekend at a Sufi Retreat in Eureka Springs, Arkansas on the way down.

BTW: perusing the printed version of the NYT at lunch out today, I came across an article on agrihoods. Check it out! When suburban developers replace golf courses with farms, we know we’re heading in the right direction.

Farm to Table Living Takes Root

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  1. Have fun and enjoy your Holiday! Without computer for two weeks isn’t wrong I guess……..Take care!

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