Is the disappeared plane real?

I couldn’t agree more with this skeptical post. And what first struck me, from the moment I heard about the “missing plane with 239 people aboard,” was the timing. This event was either engineered or faked to take the heat off Ukraine, I thought, since that particular predatory capitalist takeover had turned sour, thanks to “Vlad the Glad” Putin.

So yes. This would be a perfect opportunity to get us to swivel in our imaginations from Ukraine to Asia; to “pivot” (to use the latest Military Industrial Complex term) from one great exotic unknown to another, and, as usual, to try, and fail, to make good clear sense of the latest ploy to keep us distracted, upset, and numb.

“Flight 370” may not be fake; it may be real. But still, the timing is weird. And as the “vanished into thin air” meme gets going, others are also wondering what’s up.

But then too, these psy-ops usually? always? have multiple payoffs. If real, its “disappearance” might serve to show the Chinese that we mean business; and to eliminate 20 skilled workers at the Texas free energy company; and to stage a demonstration of the kind of weaponry “we” have, that can make a plane disappear; and — what else? Who knows.

I sense that Putin is thinking many moves ahead in this geopolitical chess game. And, due to his martial arts training, is prepared to wait until he can, with a minimum of movement, transform Empire’s next wild, flailing swing into his own “force multiplier.”

I sense Obama is not up to it, or for it. His puppetry is wearing thin. It’s as if he was an inflated mannikin and all the air has gone out.

What Is Going On With This Fake Malaysian “Missing Airliner?”

March 9, 2014

by Jordon



Hi Folks,

I’m reading some articles that are sending up red flags … First I saw an article that said the military found 2 oil slicks in the water where they think the aircraft went down?? Huh?? Most of the airplane parts float, so you’re not going to find an oil slick and NO AIRPLANE PARTS.

Now I’m hearing that the airplane ‘Disintegrated in mid-air‘ … WTF?? That can only happen during a U.S. Military-Congressional-Industrial Complex psy-op, like happened during 9/11… WTC, NO PLANES … Shanksville PA, NO PLANE, … Pentagon, NO PLANE..

We have to follow the money. Is this a way for Chertoff’s Company to get the naked body scanners into the Malaysian Airports??

Keep your eyes open, this media event is not what it seems.


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4 Responses to Is the disappeared plane real?

  1. Nancy says:

    I was thinking the same,the story keeps changing. The first thing I heard is it ran out of fuel…REALLY !!!! Either the whole thing is fake or it was shot down which is hard to believe, or it was hijacked and landed somewhere big enough to take on a Boeing 777

  2. rose day says:

    Satellite surveillance on this planet is such that, if so inclined, agencies can ‘count nose hairs’ but
    cannot locate Boeing 777 body parts. How does this happen?

  3. steve says:

    I think your on to something 20 electrical technicians??? what and who’s secrets went down with them???

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