Big Pharma’s War on the Human Mind — and Why it Matters

If you are like me, allergic to adrenalin-pumped Alex Jones, please disregard your prejudice for 17 minutes to watch this entire info-wars dot-connected indictment of Big Pharma, how it’s messing with minds — and why it matters, hugely. (And see this.)

I think the basic takeaway that we need during these times is to reverse that seemingly age-old pious doctrine: “Always trust your doctor.” No. Don’t always trust your doctor. Or anyone else who tries to tell you that you’re crazy or disordered or need to take drugs for your “mental disorder” (one of 374!) which the high priests of psychiatry have now voted on to be included in the DSM bible.

“They can classify one hundred percent of the people with mental illness.”

Instead: cleanse your body; change your diet and exercise habits. We are each of us in charge of our own body. Our bodies are both antennas of Earth and our personal life partners. It’s up to us to care for them.

But, we whine: “I just don’t have the discipline.” Oh? What’s self-discipline? Here’s what the Dalai Lama, to an audience in Bloomington, said a few years ago, when asked that question: “Self discipline is looking after your own long term interests.”

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