David and Goliath Department, young Australian Senator to Prime Minister: “It’s bitterly clear what side you’re on. . .We want our country back.”

How one young western Australian Senator talks to the prime minister about western Australia citizens’ resistance to ongoing transnational energy corporations’ desecration of the land that “has been sung now for more than 40,000 years,” by its aboriginal peoples.

May those who aspire to political office here and elsewhere be inspired by this young man’s quiet, deadly delivery of the “murderous horror” that occurs when politicians conspire to allow nonrenewable energy giants to move in and take over.

Neoliberalism Dressing-Down: Australian Senator Ludlam on Prime Minister Tony Abbott

March 7, 2014


nakedcapitalism, via Cynthia

This clip may seem a bit far afield, but we at NC are fans of good examples of rhetoric, particularly since you see them so seldom in the US.

This video (hat tip 1 SK) is going viral in Australia, and with good reason. The contrast between the young Senator’s soft-spoken delivery versus the withering, but accurate content of his speech is extremely effective. And if you’ve ever seen Tony Abbot in action, he’s a bad caricature of a bag-carrier for monied bigots. He manages the difficult task of making the previous Liberal prime minister, John Howard, look good by comparison.

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