Astrological chart for Vladimir Putin

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You might want to take a look at Putin’s chart before trying to “figure out” who he is.

Here’s what strikes me, in order of importance.

1. Pluto in Leo at the Midheaven. His path (MC) is that of personal power (Pluto in Leo). He was born for this job.

2. Scorpio Ascendant (ruling Pluto): hidden, does not show cards.

3. Jupiter in Taurus, square Pluto: stubborn, tenacious, takes a stand and does not back down.

4. Stellium in Libra — Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Mercury: Putin came in with the generation born during 1952-53, when Saturn conjuncted Neptune in Libra. Those who have this conjunction prominent in their charts — and what is more prominent than the Sun, lighting up this conjunction, with Mercury to communicate it? — are here to take the lead in working (Saturn) to forge justice through diplomacy (Libra) to heal divisions (Neptune) in the light of the spirit (Neptune).

4. Libra planets square Uranus: also part of the signature of this Saturn/Neptune generation. In “ordinary” people I see this dynamic aspect — that includes revolutionary, unpredictable Uranus squaring the sober, serious, graceful, naturally diplomatic and responsible Libra planets — as consciously or unconsciously transforming the way family and community work by re-ordering one-to-one relationships within them. In Putin’s case, possibly: one-to-one diplomacy to help transform and harmonize both his own Russian homeland and the entire world community.

5. Mars in late Sagittarius, conjunct the Galactic Center, trine Pluto: Putin is a master of how to use energy (Mars) through martial arts (which he has studied since he was eleven years old); he knows how to produce the largest effect with the least effort. This man, with his martial arts training, his deep diplomatic purpose, his role as a powerful king (Pluto in Leo), truly is calm and collected. He doesn’t just look like he is.

6. Moon in Gemini: no aspects. Not sure how to read this. Perhaps he feels misunderstood, and/or feels he is not allowed to communicate what he knows. Intensely curious about everything.

7. Jupiter in Taurus: he loves the body, and the natural world.


8. The libra stellium is in hidden, sensitive, intuitive, psychic 12th house, ruled by oceanic Pisces. His first house Venus is in watery Scorpio.


For a long, and unfortunately, not well edited, but still readable look at the Sabian symbols and how they apply to Putin’s chart (and for lots of photos of him and his ex-wife, children, parents — which I find extremely telling), see this:

Who is Vladimir Putin? Sabian Symbols as Revealed in His Astrological Birth Chart

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3 Responses to Astrological chart for Vladimir Putin

  1. Thank you Ann. Very interesting analysis.

  2. freedomVtyranny says:

    are you in support of this monstrous man and the crimes he is currently and previously committing? “one-to-one diplomacy to help transform and harmonize both his own Russian homeland and the entire world community.” wow he just invaded ANOTHER nation he has no intentions of ‘harmony’ he wants full power and complete subordination of ukraine and the caucasus people and even any opponents amongst his own russian nation.
    p.s from what i have read jupiter aspecting pluto is something carried by some of the most vicious leaders …Hitler ,Stahling,Saddam etc.. and putin really is not that much different from those leaders i just mention.

    • Arturo Rubenstein says:

      Another troll spouting propaganda, garbage. If you are looking for murders and monsters look no further than USA & Israel. Putin did not invade anyone, Crimea, which is Russian and which was part of Russia until it was given to Ukraine for political reasons voted to once again become part of Russia. A bloodless experience. Putin will not kiss the USA rear end so now there is the rush to demonize him.

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